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The name Nodarb formally B.S from Know B.S Productions. Nodnarb was born in kansas city as a normal middle class child. He has overcome a alot of situations in his life to make him in today. Nodnarb was just a normal young man from Kansas city that for the most part kept to him self. From a young age he was almost proformer normally a man of few words but seemed to flick a switch and become a different person on stage."This is when i have the chance to let out a lot of stress." His love for music started while watching a laurn hill concert on t.v when he played along with the song with out any paino lessons on his sisters keybord. From then he created a music studio useing the keybord and a cusste recorder. "I rember walking through best buy and seeing a computer wave software that allowed you to connet your RCA wires to the computer, I thought i was shit because from then on i could record music on CD's." Thats when his love for the other side of the music started witch was recording. He started recording music for people around his mothers house when he was not a his grandmothers house. "My mom would alwais ask me what i wanted for christmas and i said a beat maker so she got me a beat maker from the pawn shop." Thats when he made his first beats, knowing there was still somthing wrong with his sound he got a job at pizza hut and spent money imroving his studio with mics and other things. Then one day to his suprize his father must have noticed his amition in music and poped up with a protools M-box. Thus then Know B.S Productions started, he was starting to record music with a higher level, "With out the bad ground sound." He contunited recording music inbetween School working at Pizza Hut and Chuck E Cheese and a couple young ladys. The Next big step wasent taken until late 2007 when him and the local kids from his mothers neghborhood started to think that they could turn a hobbie and start making some money. So they made a mixtape at Know B.S, the yung Mob Drop or flop 1, witch really just turned in to music that we rode around too. Then came yung mob kansas city living and it seemed like we where everywhere selling cds out the trunck, "It was like Gold those CD's bought anything you can think of i mean everything." They then started doing shows and seemed like they were really going somewhere then a hole in the ship seemed to sink the ship with life happening all around,"everyone all had there on ideas of how things where suposed to be going. So after a few years B.S came from out the shadaows as Nodarb and droped his first mixtape in 2012 called Born and the rest is untold


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