Nico Alonzo

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Nico Alonzo is a young musician/singer/songwriter born in Medford, Oregon in 1993. Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Growing up son of a radio DJ and band promoter, Nico learned at a very young age about the occupation and responsibilities of both a signed artist, and an unsigned one. Nico picked up a passion for creating his own distinctive work starting around the age of 15. That is when he began writing his own songs and expressing himself through music. Taking from his formative experiences, he has developed a keen sense of what he wants to be as a creative artist in the future. He has collaborated with other musicians, but has gone mostly solo up to this point in his music career. In doing so he has been molding his own creativity in his voice, music, mixes and melodies while working with producers such as Victor Wilson. Nico has produced some of his own recordings, but greatly values the work and lessons learned at the side of industry producers who have taken him further down the path of his desire. Other artists that have influenced Nico the most on his music career are well known in today's society as Michael Jackson, Lecrae, Hopsin, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown & Justin Bieber with an exception of a few groups and bands. With a varied crew of musicians for inspiration, Nico's developing his own unique flair as he continues to build from valued sources. Relatively at the age of 20, Nico is creating a new captivating sound that catches the ear of many. Nico's lyric baritone/tenor vocal style is a complementary force with the words and tunes he creates as a musician & developing songwriter. With his creative style, Nico is working hard towards his goals as he continues to grow as an independent artist. Nico Alonzo is driven to be the very best he can be, immersing himself in every project, while continuing to learn and develop with each recording, making each project another step to his ultimate goal of not being just an artist, but an influential artist sharing the pulse of his soul with others in the recording industry, and those who follow after.


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