Nick L'z

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Nick L'z is a twenty year old rapper/producer/graphic designer from Kansas City and parts of Illinois. After Freestyling with friends at a young age he decided in 2007 he would start making songs of his own and recording them. His talent was a big succsess he became known all over the city and built a fan base online as well. His songs recive tons of feedback with the fans craving more! A rapper with a unique flow and universal style Nick L'z records songs that all differnt kinds of people can relate to. "I write songs based on how I'm feeling at the time". Nick L'z has a swagg that is very differnt from others. growing up with a hard life Nick L'z started his criminal record at the age of 13 and is still fighting cases today. Nick L'z spends pretty much all of his time pusing his music trying to make it to the top! Music is not new to Nick L'z he was growing up and everything he did was based on music in some kinda way. He started out just messing around with friends then when he relized he had peoples attention he took it to a whole other level. He started reaching out to his fans by giving away free cds of his songs and free downloads accross the network. He would interact with fans one on one because they are people just like him. He took a big step in 2010 when he started doing local showcases and soon now to this day he travels to different states to do shows. Nick L'z has done opeing acts for some big names, such as Do Or Die, Huey, Crime Mob, Phscodrama and more. He is recently a part of a group know as Blok Boy Money Gang. A Group of different people With different talents and out of 20+ members Nick L'z is by far the top man. So in the town of Mattoon,IL (pretty much right in the middle of Illinois) Nick L'z Works to provide for him self wile all the time he get aside from work he puts into his music. He hopes to get his big break one day and from the outcome of what hes done so far that break should be soon!


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