Nicholas J

This is Nick (the rapper/producer) and AD (the producer/rapper). Brothers, partners in crime. I'm 17 and he's 21. We got started years ago investing time messing around simple music programs, making electronic, synthesizer meldies. This eventually led us into writing and recording, but never letting go the aspect of production. Both of us are keen to all kinds of music, which makes it tough to pick a style. We got a million beats, and each one is completely different from the one that came before it. We can never decide whether to sample or to use VST's, but be warned... what we make may not sound like what you're used to. We'll take what you know and what you're comfortable with, and flip it outside jo' mind... For us, one of the biggest motivations to keep making songs is this city. Kenosha has very few talented rappers. I feel like it's my duty to deliver these crazy beats and mad lyrics to anyone willing to listen. The only reason I'm here is to expand the minds of listeners. So take a close listen and try to comprehend what I say. Then listen again and try to understand a concept. Most of the things I say may seem random at first, but it's all there for a reason. I still find double or triple meanings when analyzing the lyrics myself. Unbeknownst to you, the knowledge is finding a way to your mind. Listen and leave feeback. We're open to collaborate, but only if you got sufficient recording equiptment and a certian knowledge of the craft. Let me know thru messages. If you want to talk Biznas: (262)914-0927


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