Nate Dogg News

  • Cover of #TBT: Nate Dogg Features
    Nate Dogg left an incredible body of work before his time came to an end. He crushed it on his solo projects, alongside 213, and also on dozens and dozens of legendary features. The latter of which is what we're focusing on today.
  • Cover of Nate Robinson Says He Could Have Played In NFL & Dominated
    The latest NBA player to talk about playing in the NFL is Nate Robinson, who says he would have been great. Yesterday, we posted a tweet of LeBron James saying he wants to play at least one game in the NFL before he retires.
  • Cover of Game Gets Nate Dogg & Trayvon Martin Tattoos
    In a recent interview, Game revealed his philosophy behind paying tribute to others, saying, "From the beginning of my career to the end, it's always gonna be an homage to somebody." The Compton rapper pays homage not only through his music, but also the images he puts on his body.
  • Cover of Nate Dogg's Baby Mama Demanding For $340,000 In Unpaid Child Support [Update: Two More Baby Mamas Step In]
    One of Nate Dogg's baby mama's is still trying to get money out of the singer, even two years after his death. 
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