Nappy Roots News

  • Cover of R. Prophet Says Cops Treated Him Like A Slave During His Arrest
    More details have come in concerning R. Prophet's arrest on 4/20. As we reported, the Nappy Roots member was tasered, pepper sprayed and arrested on 4/20. Now  we get both sides of the story, as Prophet has told TMZ his version of events, which is different than that of the police.
  • Cover of Nappy Roots' Rapper R. Prophet Tasered, Pepper Sprayed & Arrested On 4/20
    We heard about Snoop Dogg's problems on 4/20 over the weekend, with the rapper's party celebrating the day getting shut down by the cops. Now, more news comes in about 4/20 debacles, this time involving Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet.
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