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NamedBran B. Hi is a hip-hop artist/poet/writer, from Chicago, IL. He has been recording and street releasing mixtapes since 2002, and began performing in late 2005. In 2011, He released his first single "Do It 2 Death" on itunes distributed thru Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. He is clearly on the verge of becoming legendary on the underground circuit due to his relentless grind. His vision of T.H.U.G. Records is finally coming from darkness to light. T.H.U.G. is an acronym which stands for Tryin Hard Under God (a concept he created back in the late 90's along with his best friend Brian Banks who was murdered just months before they were scheduled to graduate high school). The artist formerly known as B-L.O.V.E., and then as B. Hi, is now officially NamedBran B. Hi. He's certain to be a household name, and very well be rap industry's next "big deal". He repeatedly displays his versatility with meaningful lyrics that can be felt by people everywhere, and uses rap as a tool to touch hearts and adjust peoples lives by inspiring people to think positive. NamedBran B. Hi is hailed as an exceptionally talented artist, with an unbelievably intense and vigorous work ethic. He's collaborated on multiple mixtapes with groups such as Code Redd, Mob Action, and RichMen ENT, in addition to releasing numerous solo mixtapes. This conglomerate of artists have culminated some of the hottest mixtapes from Chicago in the past few years. The grind has taken NamedBran performing from club to club, city to city, state to state, and he's received love everywhere he's been. Crowds go wild and embrace his lyrical style and animated, enthusiastic delivery. In the process of completing 12 solo mixtapes he linked up with Code Redd (Tommy Gibbs, Enfoe, B. Gage) who were friends from high school. They began making soulful music together, and a break-through was apparent in 2005 when they were requested to be the opening act for Ludacris & 3-6 Mafia's concert at the Genesis Convention Center in Gary, IN. Just as things were looking up, B. Hi experienced a minor setback as he was convicted of a felony and had to serve a brief jail sentence. The obstacle of having to go away only intensified this artists passion and love for his craft. With so many of his friends and associates either getting shot or going to jail the young artist had to focus and make serious choices regarding his future as an artist. Prior to serving his time he was able to crank out one more mixtape (The Thug In Peace mixtape) down in Texas, and to shoot his first official video "The Block" to promote the mixtape. So even in his absence NamedBran B. Hi was very much present in the streets, with 13 solo mixtapes in circulation, video's on youtube receiving thousands of views, being featured on TV shows on public access programming in Chicago, as well as being featured on urban entertainment DVD's such as Mad Access: West Side of Chicago DVD. That's when NamedBran emerged and fully dedicated himself to the music. He realized his potential as an artist to have an impact on the game by being a voice of hope for the community. Before his arrival hip-hop was on its death bed. Real music does still exist! Hip-hop is alive! His experience and knowledge of recording and performing has grown over the years and he's even assisted in the artist development of groups such as Creativ Grind, and 3-D Swag of RichMen ENT. He is very determined to showcase to the world the talent that Chicago artists have to offer. He has regained his momentum, and the ChiUnity movement is in full swing! NamedBran currently has thousands of fans via the world wide web, and is trying to translate that number into millions. With well over 100 songs recorded, he still continues to record regularly. In the name of ChiUnity he's collaborated with the likes of former Motown artist Cap One, as well as performed along side multi-platinum selling legends Crucial Conflict. Surely, NamedBran B. Hi is one of the hottest artists ever from Chicago. He creates timeless music which would be better described as social commentary put to the beat of life's drum. No matter what he is Tryin Hard Under God to walk in the image of the Creator. The tradition is excellence. The aim is perfection. The definition of real music from a true artist that is all about his city! A Tryin Hard Under God Souljah! Its more than a movement, it's a lifestyle.


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