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Mysonne and hip hop have too much in common not to share such an intimate bond. Like hip hop, Mysonne was born in the late 1970's in the Bronx, NY. He was born Mysonne E. Linen and affectionately called “Myse” by his close friends and family. He is an artist who has persevered through the trials and tribulations of growing up in a poverty stricken area. He has captured an audience who waits with baited breath to hear his poetic, heartfelt, and sometimes painful story told over piercing beats; that resonate within the souls of each of his fans. Mysonne’s story is an interesting one and far from the average mans’ tale. Losing his father when he was only eleven years old made Mysonne the man of the house by default. Raised with his younger sister and two younger brothers, by his mother Patricia and his late grandparents; Mysonne led a pretty normal childhood with lots of love and support from his family. It was the streets that saw young men like Mysonne as prey. While it can be avoided to some extent, the allure is always present. Mysonne was determined not to be a statistic like so many other fallen soldiers in the drug tattered, crime infested streets of the Bronx in the late 1980's early 1990's. Mysonne attended Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in the mid 1990's where he played basketball for the entire four years until he graduated. He excelled rapidly in the sport, and found himself playing with and against future NBA all-stars and infamous Rucker Park vets such as Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury, Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston, God Shamgod, Future, and many others. After graduating from high school, Mysonne attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City for a semester before he realized that his dream was not to be an officer of the law, he yearned to be a General of the rap game. In 1997, Mysonne linked up, and signed a production deal with Tone and Nige who started Wanna Blow Entertainment. They became his management team and soon had him battling various emcees; such as, Shyne, DMX, and the late Big L. Soon after earning his stripes in various battles, Mysonne steadily took over the mix tape circuit. By 1998 Mysonne appeared on various mixtapes, albums and magazines. In addition, he signed a record deal with Violator/Def Jam. 1998 continued to be a productive and milestone year for Mysonne as he welcomed his baby boy Nasaun into the world. That same year, Mysonne completed his album “Life Teaches and Reality Bites”, however, by unfortunate circumstances, it was never released. Mysonne went through legal troubles at the same time he was excelling in the rap game, so it was a bitter sweet time for him. In July 1999, he was convicted on two counts of armed robbery, and sentenced to seven to fourteen years in prison for crimes that he insists he did not commit and maintains his innocence to this day. Since his July 2006 release, Mysonne has been featured in several media outlets. Notable radio hosts such as; Wendy Williams, DJ Kay-Slay, Ed Lover, Funkmaster Flex, and Sirius Satellite shows all sensed urgency in having Mysonne heard on the airwaves. They provided him with the platform to speak to his fans and listening public for the first time in seven years. At the time of his release Mysonne was still managed by Wanna Blow Entertainment; they have since parted ways. Mysonne has newly found a team composed of strong, talented and passionate individuals brought together by destiny; who abide by 3 principles; trust, respect and loyalty. While several record labels have tried to entice Mysonne to sign with them he is still a free agent who is focused on his music and devoted to making the best decisions for himself and his fans. The future for The General of New York is a promising one as it has been a long, hard, and tumultuous journey for Mysonne; but his bond with hip hop was never compromised and his loyalty never wavered. He is ready to give the people what they want. It is not over.


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