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If you were to ever guess which one of the children in the Valier family would ever grow up to be an above average musician, I.M. The Artist would probably be last on your list. Born Mukisa Juma Othieno Valier, he is not what you would call a born musical prodigy. Although he did start singing in the church choir at the age of 7, Mukisa did not expect to make a career in the music industry. His real love for music was not grasped until he began playing the drums in the B. Edward Boudreaux middle school band in the 7th grade. This was the beginning of greatness in the making… Also like his older sister Demeriese, Mukisa is a graduate of West St. Mary High school in Baldwin, LA, and participated in the marching band. His high school years also included playing football, running track and sketch art. During this time, he had only just begun to truly appreciate music. Around this time in high school, Mukisa had a great desire to play college football. He only began composing instrumentals as a hobby, only because of seeing his two older brothers Azizi and Gyasi do so. It was not until he turned age 17 that he began writing lyrics to the instrumentals he created. Mukisa says that he became serious about becoming a hip-hop artist when he one day randomly wrote down rhymes simply because he was bored. He saw that his rhymes were actually very good, and began to write more and more. Mukisa finally hit the breaking point when he asked his band director Mr. David Moore to record his first song after band practice. After this day, Mukisa made plans to become one of the greatest MC’s from the state of Louisiana If you were to listen to his older sister Demeriese , his Mother Covetta, and older brother Azizi’s musical talents, it wouldn’t be difficult to say that those were the main three people that inspired him to become such a talented musician. In actual truth, neither of them were a significant cause of inspiration towards his musical skills. Although his brother Azizi is a very talented MC and producer, and his sister Demeriese a very exceptional vocalist, Mukisa says that he gained most of his inspiration listening to his favorite MC Eminem. He said he always liked the way Eminem used words in combinations that almost no one else would even think of. This is what he says made him start thinking like a true lyricist. Also like his older brother, Mukisa is a self-made producer and recording engineer. After graduating high-school, he has made plans to go to school and earn a degree in music production and recording engineering to expand his knowledge of recording arts. Mukisa has grown up listening to all types of music. Although he grew up in a rich heritage of musical culture, Mukisa seems to be attracted to more of the modern music of today’s culture. He may be influenced by the music of his generation, but he still listens to old music to give himself ideas for the new instrumentals he composes. Mukisa Is currently working on an upcoming album called “Small Town, BIG Dreams,” which he began doing since he was a junior in high school. This album is considered to be influenced by his family of musicians and his ongoing desire to be great.


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