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BIO: I am 19 year old producer from Toronto, ON. I've been making music since 10 years old when I originally started producing EDM and have had remixes on the popular radio station Z103 (But that is a time of the past.) I do most of my work by myself. I take special pride into the production being unique, the graphics being eye-grabbing and the lyrics being meaningful and cunning. I can admit that my weakness is the vocal performance whether melodic or rapping. But that is why I work so hard, in order to grow and eventually become a top Artist. I hate classifying what I do but if I had to classify and describe my music it would be "Experimental Hip Hop" especially because I base every album around and era or certain theme. I like to make my songs unique but complete as an album, and my albums unique but consistent. INFLUENCE IN MUSIC: I could be arrogant and say only I influence my music but that would be a lie. I love music, I am influenced by everything. Most of my projects are theme based or era based. My favorite rappers are Jay-Z, Kanye, Kendrick, J. Cole, Nas (in that order) and yes, that is cliche I am completely aware. Its the struggle of finding appeal and staying individual as oxymoron-ic as that sounds. My influences vary by project though. Like right now, I am obsessed with 60-70 blues and soul, Paul McCartney and John Lennon's solo outings and that indie R&B jmsn/james blake/johnny rain sound. So I myself am curious as to what I can come up with, The best compliment I've ever been given though was by one of my colleagues at work. She said, "You sound like Kanye trying to be J. Cole" that one gave me a good laugh but really just shows how much influences are subliminally be there. ON ART AND GRAPHICS: I'm really influenced and intrigued by visual artwork and that's why I take so much pride and so much time on my graphics and music videos. Most artists just go out find some scenery, shoot a bunch of different takes in different camera angles and then cut and sync. Thats a bit of a generalization but honestly, go look at most of the young up and coming artists that are at the level of I am at... anyways. My work is mostly shaped by geometry and symmetry (no pun intended) and also the manipulation of body parts and recognizable figures. I like to reinterpret the meanings behind my music and transfer it into something visual. I'm really just searching for the perfect balance between visual and sonic art. My favorite creatives have to be Da Vinci, Picasso, Salvador Dali, George Lois and Kanye West. SPARE TIME: Well, I work two basically full-time jobs in order to save up for University so all my free time is dedicated to my projects. Whether it be writing music, reading lyrics, listening to new artists or classical music (mostly the Baroque era) and ofcourse producing and planning. One very important part of me that everyone needs to know is.. my parents have never heard any of my music and they are completely unaware that I record my own vocals. Every recording has to be done when they are not home. I really don't have much spare time to be caught up in other hobbies or tv shows.. like honestly, I think I'm the only person who has never seen an episode of breaking bad. I'll leave you with this, I want everyone to who listens to my music to tell me what they hate about it. I know they will find atleast one thing you like... but thats not the point. The point is what you HATE. I need that criticism to evolve. Thank You for judging.


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