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  • Cover of Top Tracks of The Week: December 29 - January 6
    New Year, New Tracks. For the new readers, TTOTW is our weekly rundown of what's new and notable at the top of our charts.
  • Cover of Master P Loses Custody Of His Kids
    Back in April, Master P was in hot water after his estranged wife claimed the rapper "abducted" their children and refused to return them to their mother.
  • Cover of Turk Says He & Lil Wayne Once Discussed Signing To Master P's No Limit Records
     Could you imagine Lil Wayne & Turk not being a part of Cash Money Records?
  • Cover of Master P's Wife Claims P Abducted Their Children [Update: Master P & His Kids Respond]
    It's looking like Master P and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Sonya Miller will not be having a friendly divorce. We first reported the hip-hop couple were getting a divorce back in October and since that time, we've learned Mrs. Miller is on welfare and was forced to move in with her son (Lil) Romeo.
  • Cover of Master P Admits Fat Trel Is Better Off With Maybach Music Group
     When Fat Trel, Master P, and Alley Boy dropped The New World Order mix as the Hip Hop trio, Louie V Mob, it seemed all but inevitable that Fat Trel would sign to Master P's No Limit label. Instead, just five months later Fat Trel aligned himself with Maybach Music Group.
  • Cover of Master P's Estranged Wife Is Reportedly On Welfare And Has Moved In With Romeo
    You might recall, if you're young enough, the perfect family dynamic Master P maintained on the old Nickelodeon sitcom on his son's vehicle, "Romeo!" It seems that Master P's real family's situation is less ideal than that depicted on the idyllic kids' show, as his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, is petitioning for a div
  • Cover of Master P Hit With Tax Lien
    Another rapper, another tax lien. Master P is the latest emcee to be hit by the IRS with with a massive tax bill. Master P's unpaid taxes date way back to 1999 and 2000. TMZ reports that the California native didn't pay his taxes during those two years, and owes the IRS a sum $237,027.41.
  • Cover of Master P's New Album "The Gift" Will Offer Fans $10,000 Golden Ticket
    Master P is getting ready to release his first album since 2005's Ghetto Bill, and he's making sure to make this release a special one.
  • Cover of Master P & His Wife Getting Divorced
    Master P's marriage is following in the footsteps of Timbaland's, meaning, his wife is filing for a divorce. P's wife, Sonya Miller, filed the legal documents, which were, of course, obtained by TMZ.
  • Cover of C-Murder Briefly Released From Prison To Attend Grandmother's Funeral w/ Master P & Romeo
    As reported by Complex, C-Murder was released from prison yesterday afternoon in order to attend his grandmother's funeral. For those unfamiliar, the New Orleans emcee is currently serving life for murder at the Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana.
  • Cover of Master P Says He Thought He Was Being "Punk'd" By Flash Mob On His Birthday
    Last week Master P celebrated his birthday, and on the day of, he went out for lunch with his son Romeo. Unbeknownst to him, a flash mob had been planned by his friends, and the crew of flash mobbers broke out in dance right in front of where P was eating lunch.
  • Cover of Surprise Flash Mob For Master P's Birthday Turns Sour When Rapper Walks Out
    When surprising Master P for his birthday, fans should take note the rapper will not be pleased with a flash mob. A group of flash-mobbers found this out the hard way, when they surprised P on his birthday at the restaurant he was dining at with his son Romeo.
  • Cover of Master P Talks Recording "Al Capone", Regrets, & Giving Beyoncé One Of Her First Hits
    Master P is back. The No Limit mogul took an extended hiatus, but his recent collaboration with Alley Boy and Fat Trel, Louie V Mob, as well as his solo mixtape "Al Capone" now find the legend re-energized.
  • Cover of Master P Says "Brick To A Million" Is Not A Kanye West & Lil Wayne Diss
    Master P dropped off a new mixtape recently, Al Capone, and featured on it was his single "Brick To A Million." The single raised a few eyebrows, as many took it as a Lil Wayne and Kanye West diss. Master P kicks off the song with "New niggas wearin’ dresses – fuck it, I ain’t scared to address it/Gangs
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