Da Real Money Mitch

Mitch Joseph was born on October 30th 1984 in Santa Cabrini in Montréal, Canada, and then moved to Miami, fl in 1996 at the age of 12 years old to be correct. This is the artist who is now known as "Money Mitch walking dollar sign". There is a major difference of perspective in development when you are able to benefit From the come ups of others”, is a common statement for those fortunate enough to have the means to escape poverty while still growing into adulthood. It was through that time period that I truly learned the difference between the social classes of America. Seeing how the money affects all in a capitalistic society, I decided to combine the old school knowledge of my grandmother. Learning their knowledge and applying it to my life has taught me at least one valuable lesson. “There are two kinds of smarts in this world; Book smarts and Street smarts. Book smarts teaches you about the world and what’s in it; while Streets smarts teaches you how to live in the world and who is in it.” Knowing the facts and carrying within me the same spirit of my legacy, I have made it my purpose to fulfill my destiny in this world. As long as my purpose is aligned with God’s universal plan and my faith unwavering; I am determined to follow my belief, strife for greatness with no fear, and to give love to my family and worship the GOD at all time. This is the artist who is now known as "Money Mitch walking dollar sign". Coming off a quick childhood the artist had a few to many run in with the law that landed him in and out of hand cuff’s with a track record that wasn't to clean. Going to high school freestyling and writing music on his free time, By 2004 Money Mitch move to Ocala, fl trying to find a better life for himself in is family but things was still the same, Couple month later Money Mitch eventually landed his 1st solo "Love me or Hate me"


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