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Money Bio All though his name is Money his Journey from where he began to where he is now is simply priceless. While most kids at the age of 15, were just entering high school and enjoying their friends, Bernard “Money” Nuar , was homeless living on the Dallas, TX streets of Harry Hines. He was in and out of Juvenile Homes, and the only thing that could ever keep his sanity was getting money. “Money made me, I didn’t make it (money)”, and it isn’t until now that Bernard is realizing his worth. While on the streets Money was surrounded by pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers. Though not a reasonable place for a young man to be, It was where he was left. Where often one so young would get devoured in these streets in the mid 90’s Money was quickly taking off with what he was seeing and learning. ”.Quickly Money realized he was alone and to be what he was destined to be he would have to find the means. Unlike many people who may get satisfied with their present achievements, not Money. He kept on finding different avenues that would continuously put more space between his body and the pavement. Life is not always easy, but those with persistence and faith always get to see the rewards that it brings. Pushing forward with life and trying to squeeze every bit of success out of it, Money opened a club in West TX at the age of 19. Shortly after a 3 T-Mobile franchises in the Dallas Fort Worth and Abilene area. It wouldn’t be too much longer before Money was off on his next success adventure. Having become a conasuierer of jewelry being trained by one of the best in the business, Ron Sothers from North Dakota. Money learned the Diamond business becoming a diamond broker literally within months Ron spoke of how he had trained hundreds and there was only two who he trained who mastered the business, Money being one of them. In 2006, Money would realize his true passion in this world, is his ability to lyrically send a message out about the struggles in life and the joys. Producers and hustling partners of his kept pushing Money to rap for yrs and finally Money Militia was formed. A group of individuals from different walks of life all after one thing. Money would get the chance to prove his self in the Texas Summer conference, which didn’t pan out to good, but the potential that he has was hard to look past. With local hits like “Hot Damn”, “Yummy”, “Get it on”, “Texas Shit”, and “Boss Lady”, Money’s future in this industry is nothing less than promising. Money is now working on a documentary about his life as the “UnderDog”, titled ‘For the Love of Money’ and continues to strive for success each and every day. To Money the ultimate measure of success right now is how he can touch a child’s life that may be in the same situation that he was once in. Having no family or a real role model to look up to, Money wants to be flame that ignites others. He knows how easy it is to get caught up in the wrong things and lead onto the wrong path. Money wishes that he could have had someone to truly look up to when he was younger, but nonetheless the path that he has taken has been just as sweet. Coming from nothing and working for everything has been a true blessing from the lord that Money will never take for granted. He is a true role model for his son, and other youth. You can bet your money, that this is only the beginning for this young entrepreneur, in addition to be a franchise owner, Diamond Broker, and Artist, Money plans on one day owning his own Hotel Chain and Clothing Line.


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