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When It comes to Hard work and ethic, Dopegirlmuzik’s MizzNekol is the total definition! The Multi-Talented Icon is more than just Beats and Rhymes. Born the oldest of ten siblings, she has been spreading her talent and ability since a sophomore in High School. Known for her versatility and ‘Go Getta’ mentality, MizzNekol worked consistently to make her dream a successful Avenue of reality. First making appearances and replicable features with many local Artists and Producers in her Kansas City hometown, her music began to populate throughout the Midwest, creating a rapid growing fan base underground. Unfortunately for the competition, that was just the beginning for Dopegirlmuzik! MizzNekol paved her way with an unconditional love and focus on the business of her craft itself, began producing her own hit tracks, while learning the basics of audio engineering. Paying homage to many legends, such as Queen Latifah, MC Lite, and Salt n Pepper, she never stopped the pursuit of becoming the FemCee she is. In 2010, she formed her self made Label and Production Company, Dopegirlmuzik, branding a whole new perspective for Independent women and Artists. Indeed, Time waits for no man..or woman, and MizzNekol was the least expected looking for handouts! The Hip Hop Artist and Songwriter continued her natural grind at which many applauding performances and opportunities were born. Soon, the fan base she built from the ground up was certainly larger than the middle of the map. With her family and Microphone, being her most prized possessions, The humble entrepreneur began to take Dopegirlmuzik to the next level, expanding her reach and developing a firm ground of positivity and passion. Records like, “School Girl Swag” sparked a fan base of it’s own aside from former popular works, and MizzNekol refused to ignore that. The Artist shortly after, started a tour with her daughter, Mommy inspiring youth on the importance of education. Still flooding the streets with Dope Music and collaborating with other talented Artists, MizzNekol is majoring her position in both Music and Business. Staging to open up other avenues of success, she is already a year ahead with her coming clothing line, and a nonprofit organization to educate youth about music and the art behind it. Recent production credits, and her own duplication lab is just one result of what the passionate Artist has accomplished. But 2013, MizzNekol will be seen and heard alot more than usual! She is already booked with Live Band Performances, New Promotional Products, and Collaborating Media and Projects for more than just the first quarter in! Fans are on edge to witness the latest from Dopegirlmuzik. They are more than confident about the Artist’s delivery -based on the response from the recent “Grown Woman” Disc Release“Aint for the Money” Video, gathering more than 30,000 hits on YouTube over the course of one week! “This is what I do” The Talented innovator says, “Music, Business, Promo, Beats and New Ideas!..This is my life.” Known aside from her dominant confidence, positive influence, and Dynamic Sound and flow, MizzNekol is respected for her strong will, consistency, and structure as Dopegirlmuzik. Genuinely, she has a greater love for those that support her, and the loyal fans she has established in her image and commitment as an Artist and female producer. “I want to give fans an experience that will allow them to get through struggles and overcome obstacles. My music is life changing and has said to be considered the listeners medicine”, she expresses. Rising to the top, rather she puts one foot ahead of the other or leaps to maintain her movement, MizzNekol is doing more than numbers! Empowering many, and moving records City to City, she plans to expand Nationwide, one talent after the other. Stay tuned....


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