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Whats up HUMANS, my name is Michael Albert Hanlon a.k.a Mikey Hanjelo. I'm a psychedelic, insane, hippie, artist, poet, philosopher, Indigo Child, musician, and male homosapien Rapper. I reside in a place known as Worcester, Massachusetts (though i lived in Florida most of my life.) I was born here July 5th 1990... (so you can do the math and figure how old I am) I've spent my life writing poetry, composing music, playing guitar, drums, and piano. But not until my senior year of highschool, after getting kicked out, i began to rap (up until then I didn't even listen to it. mainly listen to Reggae, Rock, Black Metal, and Celine Dion) but after listening to songs like Infinite - by Eminem, The Food - by Common, Fish Grits and Pimp Shit - by OutKast ect... I was inspired. I began free-styling with my friends just for fun, when they helped me realize I had a talent for this, so i began writing songs then recording them just off a computer with a microphone. and after going to college for one year to study Film them dropping out ive chosen to go down this road pursuing this dream of becoming an influential musician. And right now it's just a matter of "WHEN" i reach my goal, not "IF." As of November 26th 2011 ive made 8 mixtapes for free download all ON MY OWN within a year and a half. Which can be found on Datpiff.com and Hotnewhiphop.com. but now to stop being so egotistical, I'm simply a man who loves to put my poetry to a beat and making art, and love even more to have people listen, i also love females and LSD! so judge me as you will, and enjoy the music that I provide, because thats why I make music... NOT for money, NOT for fame, but for the simple act of making art for people to enjoy and become inspired :) And by the way... SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY


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