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  • Mick Jenkins "Get Up Get Down" Video
    Mick Jenkins "Get Up Get Down" Video
    Mick Jenkins's The Water[s] was a 2014 mixtape of the year candidate, and with his freshly minted EP Wave[s] he continues to explore the theme of water and develop his unique style that he refers to as "art trap."
  • Mick Jenkins "P's & Q's" Video
    Mick Jenkins "P's & Q's" Video
    Just a few minutes ago, audio of a new Mick Jenkins track called "P's & Q's" his Spotify, and with very little adieu, here's the video for the Kaytranada-produced cut. It's a slo-mo set of visuals contained in just one shot.  Much like his methodic, decidedly un-trendy music's relationship with Chicago's prevailing drill scene, Mick is depicted amidst a veritable warzone of chaotic activity, unfazed and marching to the beat of his own drum. It's a cool parallel to his own career arc, and also a brilliant video directed by Nathan R. Smith.
  • CinematicTV's SXSW Recap Video
    CinematicTV's SXSW Recap Video
    We're now a few weeks removed from the madness that was SXSW 2015, but if you're feeling nostalgic (and craving some bud), CinematicTV's got you covered with their recap of all the Smoker's Club events that went down this year. Check out the smoke-clouded video above. In it, we see artists as varied as The Diplomats, Pro Era, Lil Herb and Mick Jenkins enjoying some green together, as well as rocking a variety of shows throughout the week. Blunts, bongs, bowls and dabs are puffed, with the Smoker's Club really making good on their name over the course of this short video.
  • Nardwuar Vs. Mick Jenkins
    Nardwuar Vs. Mick Jenkins
    Nardwuar's already provided us with some great interviews from his recent trip to SXSW, and today we get yet another. This time, Mick Jenkins steps in for an interview, and like many before him, he's wowed by Nardwuar's deep knowledge of random facts about him. In addition to gifting him an Erik Satie record, Nardo presents Jenkins with old pictures of himself, and asks him random questions like, "What do mushrooms do to you, Mick?" Mick seems jazzed by the Vancouver native's research, and surprised by the pictures he brought along. 
  • Mick Jenkins "Dehydration" Video
    Mick Jenkins "Dehydration" Video
    His hometown's murder rate was clearly on Mick Jenkins' mind when crafting his dope summer mixtape The Water[s]. His new video for the DJ Dahi-produced "Dehydration" opens with clips of news reports about Chicago's homicide statistics.
  • Mick Jenkins Feat. Supa BWE "Treat Me" Video
    Mick Jenkins Feat. Supa BWE "Treat Me" Video
    Prior to the release of his stand-out sophomore mixtape, The Water[s], Mick Jenkins released this thought-provoking and socially conscious record called "Treat Me" (which did not appear on the mixtape). For the most part it flew under the radar (although it did appear on Underrated Audio), but today Mick brings our attentio
  • Mick Jenkins Freestyle On Shade 45
    Mick Jenkins Freestyle On Shade 45
    In terms of pure, bar-for-bar lyricism, Mick Jenkins is surely one of the most impressive up-and-comers we've heard this year, with his The Water[s] tape wowing all of us over here at HNHH.
  • Mick Jenkins "Jazz" Video
    Mick Jenkins "Jazz" Video
    We were very pleased to announce the other day that we'll be premiering Mick Jenkin's anticipated follow up to Trees And Truths come August 12th. The Chicago rapper has kept The Water[s] tightly under wraps for the most part, but he's let go a few records here and there.
  • Alex Wiley Feat. Mick Jenkins "Own Man" Video
    Alex Wiley Feat. Mick Jenkins "Own Man" Video
    Alex Wiley debuted his sophomore mixtape effort, Village Party, last week, and although this collaboration with Mick Jenkins got axed from the final tracklist (instead another Mick Jenkins collabo, "Forever," appeared on the tape), Wiley and Jenkins have decided to shoot a video for the track regardless.
  • Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins Talk The Making Of "Own Man"
    Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins Talk The Making Of "Own Man"
    We just heard from Mick Jenkins earlier today, when he delivered the new mixtape leak "Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2" and he's come up again, this time discussing his collaboration for Alex Wiley's new single "Own Man."
  • Mick Jenkins "Martyrs" Video
    Mick Jenkins "Martyrs" Video
    "Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees..." The latest visual from emerging Chicago emcee Mick Jenkins, which is provocative, to say the least. "Martyrs" is the second single from his upcoming project "The Water[s]", produced by Ongaud. Recognize the sample?   Let us know what you think, folks.
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