Mick Jenkins Songs

    Last year, Chicago MC Noelz Vedere dropped a well-received mixtape by the name of Bittersweet Victory. Today, HNHH premieres "REIGN" feat. Mick Jenkins, a single from his upcoming project Pyramid Poet. 
  • Really, Nigga?!
    Really, Nigga?!
    And the beef continues, with a response no one asked for. For those of you who aren't up to speed, two Chicago rappers are currently embroiled in a war of words.
  • HeadAss (Vic Spencer Diss)
    HeadAss (Vic Spencer Diss)
    Mick Jenkins and Vic Spencer -- two talented rappers out of Chicago -- recently got into it on Twitter over what appeared to be some scene politics. Following the dispute, Spencer released "Dick Jerkins," a diss track aimed at Mick, and ever since, we've been awaiting Jenkins' response. It took a week, but the wait was well worth it, as Jenkins comes back with some ferocious technical bars for Spencer.
  • Get Up Get Down
    Get Up Get Down
    Fans of Mick Jenkins have been itching for new material from the Chicago lyricist. He's slowly been rolling out leaks off his upcoming project, keeping in theme with The Water[s], it's called Wave[s]. After giving us the Kaytranada-produced "Ps & Qs" almost two months ago, he's kicking off the week with "Get Up Get Down," featuring chaotic production from Stephan Ponce and THEMPeople.
  • Social Network
    Social Network
    After making their HNHH debut with their feature on Alex Wiley's "Golden," Chicago duo Hurt Everybody (Supa Bwe X MulattoBeats) links up with Mick Jenkins for "Social Network," a single from their upcoming mixtape 2K47. Between verses Supa and Mick chant "gang!," as the only social network they need is their homies.
  • P's & Q's
    P's & Q's
    Later this year, Mick Jenkins will release his follow-up to last year's The Water[s], the similarly-titled The Wave[s]. After giving us the Lee Bannon-produced "Alchemy," he links up with the ever-impressive Kaytranada for another cut that will appear on the EP, "P's & Q's."
  • Peace Of Mind
    Peace Of Mind
    We've seen new school funk band The O'My's team up with rappers such as Ab-Soul, Boldy James, Chance The Rapper, Twista, Chuck Inglish, and more. As you can see, they often work with artists from their hometown of Chicago, and their new collaboration is with yet another artist from the windy city.Mick Jenkins, who always tends to impress, comes through with a characteristically inventive verse on the psychedelic track, and it works magnificently. It might be a good idea to watch Mick's moves carefully this year, as we're expecting big things from him.
  • Alchemy
    Mick Jenkins hit us with one of the best mixtapes of 2014, The Water[s], and from the sounds of "Alchemy", his follow up EP, Wave[s], will be even better. This is way heavier production than Mick is used to--but, coming from Sacramento's Lee Bannon--it's a welcome change.
  • Time
    Mick Jenkins has kept a relatively low profile since delivering his critically acclaimed second mixtape The Water[s] at the end of last summer, releasing sparse records since then. As he heads out on the road with Pro Era's Kirk Knight, Saba and No Name Gypsy, he hit us with a new cut today "Time", produced by his go-to OnGaud. There's also a few familiar references here, from water, to the truth, to trees.
  • Touch Me
    Touch Me
    The Purist is a UK-based producer who's had great success collaborating with Danny Brown and Tree in the past. His latest joint track with a rapper is "Touch Me," which showcases precocious Chicago native Mick Jenkins. 
  • 11
    While most would feel it's safe to assume 2014 has been a great year for Mick Jenkins (with the release of his critically acclaimed The Water(s) ) his new track, "11", makes it clear several of the major events and topics of the year are heavy on his mind. 
  • Fate
    Mick Jenkins let The Water[s] sit with us for a good while before dropping any new music. Now that we've had time to let it sink in, and ultimately put "Dehydration" on our year-end list for Hottest Songs, we get some new music from the Chicago native. The rapper flows effortlessly over this saxophone-encumbered beat produced by Ambi Lyrics. It's got a relaxing, late-night jazz vibe.
  • Losin' My Mind
    Losin' My Mind
    Keisza has seen a ton of success with her breakout single "Hideaway", and since then we've slowly become more acquainted with the Canadian singer as she teams up with rappers.
  • Rain
    It's been slightly over a month since we premiered Mick Jenkins stand-out mixtape The Water[s], but with water (and gingerale) being some of Mick's favorite topics, the theme continues today with "Rain." Mick connects with Kaytranada for a lulling beat which samples Missy Elliott's "The Rain," the original of which we included for you to watch below, just because we're nice like that. 
  • Keep It 100
    Keep It 100
    Mick Jenkins has already been entertaining us nonstop for the past week with his great mixtape The Water[s], and now he's back to wow us with another hot track. "Keep It 100" is taken from DJ Ricky Dubs' upcoming EP, Señor Dubs, and also features YC The Cynic.
  • Dehydration
    During our interview with Mick Jenkins leading up to the release of The Water[s], he referenced this song "Dehydration" in particular as one he thought might catch on, so we thought it only appropriate to highlight The Mind-featured record today.
  • Jerome
    When we spoke to Mick Jenkins the other week he expressed an interest to work with his fellow Cinematic Music Group artists, lo and behold, one such collaboration appears on his brand new mixtape The Water[s]. The chemistry between Mick and Joey is real, as the two trade bars over hard-hitting production from Kirk Knight, which also includes a Biggie sample from "Dead Wrong."
  • Lazarus
    It looks like Mick Jenkins is almost ready to drop off his long-awaited follow up to his debut Trees And Truths. The Water[s] has been teased ever since Mick delivered "Martyrs" in December, and today, an official tracklist, cover art, and a release date have been let go, along with this new cut, "Lazarus."
  • Treat Me
    Treat Me
    While Mick Jenkins is keeping The Water[s] tightly under lock and key, he feeds the fans today with a collaboration with Supa Bwe, "Treat Me (Caucasian)". 
  • Realer Than Most
    Realer Than Most
    When Closed Sessions is involved, you can usually guarantee the result is quality music. Today we have more evidence of that, after Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy & Saba all came together at the recording studio in Chicago to record "Realer Than Most" (peep that dope artwork too). The record, produced by OnGaud, opens with a saxophone and spaced out sounds, and maintains the jazzy elements of the sax through out, while Mick takes care of the hook.