Metro Boomin Songs

  • Jumpman (Freestyle)
    Jumpman (Freestyle)
    When it comes to catchy, repetitive, one-word hooks, "Jumpman" might by the "Versace" of 2015. It is definitely the hot song that everyone is freestyling on recently. It's a cold world and this Metro Boomin instrumental is simply too hot to ignore. 
  • Jumpman (Freestyle)
    Jumpman (Freestyle)
    Is "Jumpman" the new "Poppin'"? Honorary Migo Rich the Kid just dropped his "Jumpman" freestyle, marking the third freestyle over the blazing hot Metro Boomin instrumental in the past week. Mark Battles did it. Soulja Boy did it. Two is company, three's a crowd...
  • Voices In My Head
    Voices In My Head
    After making some of 2015's most interesting music with Future and Young Thug, Metro Boomin is reaching out to different types of artists, or more likely, they're reaching out to him. We recently saw the Atlanta beatmaker pictured with boom bap revivalist Joey Bada$$, and now we've received a new record from DC's biggest export, Wale, with Metro behind the boards. This one was actually constructed through a Sprite-endorsed collaboration that put the two artists and the Highbridge voices choir in the same room.
  • Murda Mook
    Murda Mook
    Here's a collaboration you probably didn't see coming (or maybe you did, if you follow Sean on Instagram). Either way, there's another level to this shit you definitely didn't see coming-- the song is attached to an entire collaborative mixtape. Yep, Sean Kingston and Chief Keef.
  • Right Now
    Right Now
    Future and Metro Boomin currently have the ear of every rapper in the game, even a dyed in the wool Brooklyn rapper like Uncle Murda. Looking for a taste of that dirty sprite, Murda recruits the ATL pair for his newest track "Right Now." Murda retains his usual gravelly flow and raps as usual about some extra-hood shit, thought his words take on a different flavor when infused with Metro's groggy vapor of a beat. Those promethazine fumes are inescapable no matter where you are the rap universe. Do you want to see Murda rap on more beats like this?
  • Acetone 2.0
    Acetone 2.0
    Before he drops off his Screaming Dreams tape in its entirety, ATL rapper Key! shared a 5 song prelude that included a lot of dope producers. "Acetone 2.0" features the production by Metro Boomin and Zaytoven and the repetitive hook, "Don't touch my dope, might hit your nose, I hit it with acetone."
  • Blow A Bag
    Blow A Bag
    The fast and furious ramp up to Dirty Sprite 2 continues as Future shares new single "Blow a Bag," featuring the all-star production lineup of Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, and Southside.
  • No Rules
    No Rules
    Last we heard from Black Migo Gang's Young Scooter, he teamed up with buzzing Houston rappers Sauce Twinz for the appropriately-titled "Houston to Lil Mexico," referencing both artists native cities. Today he returns with production from Metro Boomin for "No Rules," a slow-moving song that's all about Scooter's boss-ass lifestyle.
  • SDR
    White Gzus are a duo who hail from Chicago, and today, they're making their HNHH debut with "SDR" (Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll). It's got a creepy, very turnt beat from Metro Boomin. 
  • Still Selling Dope
    Still Selling Dope
    We recently heard from an incarcerated Gucci Mane about how he's still selling dope from jail. What a boss. Fetty Wap took a verse on the original song off the King Gucci mixtape, today Lil Reese lends his Chicago flow with a verse of his to the Metro Boomin-produced track.
  • Spaghetti Factory
    Spaghetti Factory
    Young Thug songs have been leaking all over the place lately as he leaves Barter VI in the dust and heads towards that Hy!£UN35 release later this summer. You are not going to believe it but another one leaked today in the form of Metro Boomin-produced "Spaghetti Factory." Doesn't seem like spaghetti is any sort of  metaphor here, Thug really just wants some spaghetti. He finna eat!!
  • Still Selling Dope
    Still Selling Dope
    Gucci Mane may be locked up, but he's still got that work. Or at least, he did when he recorded this song. Even behind bars, Gucci somehow has collaborations with the hottest upcoming rappers-- and given Fetty Wap's penchant for melodic verses a la Atlanta, it's not surprising that the Metro Boomin-produced collaboration works really well. "Still Selling Dope" is a choice cut off the new mixtape from the ATL King, aptly titled King Gucci.
  • Mudd Walk
    Mudd Walk
    You may know Da$h as the only member of A$AP Mob without the "A$AP" in front of his name, though you won't forget him after this unexpected collab with ATL's hottest producer, Metro Boomin. With bangers like this, Da$h could very well be A$AP's next-up.  The song is dedication to the late, great A$AP Yams, but Da$h is hardly sentimental. Instead, he's continuing the lane-forging realness that, in Yams' absence, few will be able to carry on. Da$h has definitely got the style and the grit to push A$AP forward, and we can't wait to hear what he's got for us next.
  • Lotta Respect
    Lotta Respect
    Boosie Badazz's surprise new mixtape Every Ghetto Every City Vol. 1 serves primarily to give shine to the lesser-known members of Boosie's Bad Azz Music Syndicate -- B. Wil, J Dre, Juicy, Lee Banks, Money Bagz, OG Dre, and J Day.
  • No Sleep 4 The Youth
    No Sleep 4 The Youth
    Producers are certainly getting more shine nowadays, with rap fans as a whole generally being much more aware of beatmakers than they once were. They're also moving further into instrumental work, with many of the successful musicians putting in as DJs or EDM producers.
  • Stay Down Till You Come Up
    Stay Down Till You Come Up
    Don Cannon just sent us a new instrumental for all you rising artists on the site fiending beats. The DJ and producer teamed up with few of the hottest producers right now, namely, Childish Major, Metro Boomin, Cardo and Lyle Leduff for "Stay Down Till You Come Up." It's a super-collaboration "just because we can," according to Don. No artists are featured on the over-six-minutes-long instrumental, but whom might you imagine hopping on this spacey, cloud-rap beat? Or are you feeling it so much you don't think it needs a feature? Let us know what you think.
  • Legends
    OG Maco just dropped a brand new EP, titled 15, which is available for free download on his soundcloud. The eleven-track EP showcases Maco's wild array of styles and influences. There are no features on 15, though the production creds feature some familiar names, including: Brandon Thomas, Ducko Mcfli, and, most notably, Metro Boomin.
  • Free Gucci
    Free Gucci
    Today Gucci Mane turned 35. Unfortunately, he probably won't be able to celebrate in proper fashion, because he's still currently behind bars. Two men who came up in the wake of Gucci's towering presence, Young Thug and Metro Boomin, have shared a tribute track called "Free Gucci" under their joint Metro Thuggin title. With a chorus proclaiming "everything Gucci" and artwork showing GuWop's first Instagram post after he got out prison the last time, this is the perfect tribute track. Quotable Lyrics
  • Metropolis
    It's not every day that Metro Boomin' offers up a straight-up instrumental without a feature attached. The producer has been working with just about everybody in the Atlanta rap scene, and recently produced Future's entire Monster mixtape.
  • Full House
    Full House
    Next week, Ear Drummers signees Two-9 will drop off their mixtape B4FRVR, and today they've got just the thing to get us all hype for it: a Metro Boomin-produced track with two key Taylor Gang features. "Full House" stars the ATL crew's sub-group Retro Su$h! (consisting of Jace and Ceej) alongside Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa.
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