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My name is Meloetry ( Mellow-Tree) I'm from East Harlem, New York. i am a Songwriter/Ghostwriter/Rapper/Tattoo Artist. Now I've been making music for most of my life, at the early age of 12 in 1999, I started writing poetry and music. Secretly i would turn a'lot of my poems into raps but i was very shy and timid and would not share this with anyone. It wasn't until i got to junior high school that i met one of my now great friends, Franky ( Frank White). In our chemistry class we started passing each other raps we would write until one day he told me of a inner city program in Jefferson community projects in Harlem that was called "RAP 101" it was a class to teach the basics of writing and recording. This site became my studio and the beginning of a long struggle and fight to make music in these fatal times. As the years past i gained much knowledge and skills writing and recording hundreds of songs , i made numerous mix-tapes, and album ideas which never went anymore but i did not give up writing. In the year 2005 i met with my cousin/brother Jean Castillo and this is the true beginning of a great career still in the making. In 2008 during a college party with city college students i was invited and that party turned from a gathering to a jam session and ended with me and a band...Meloetry & The Black Rose Noise. In 2010 we release an original Live Jazz/Hip-hop album titled " The Manifesto" which is still available on amazon, iTunes, & Band camp. Today i stand as a Solo Artist/ghostwriter & now aspiring Tattoo Artist. I'm currently working on an album with Jean Cast( Integraxion Productions). This is a collaborative Work between myself and Jean. We are also working on videos,interviews,photo shoots, & even short film and documentary's. I'm working harder than ever and i'm more focused than I've ever been to make this a strong prosperous year for us and finally kick my career off as the great MC/Songwriter i know i am. This industry is not ready for me but they need me. so its time for some convincing time for the world to wake up and see what we really living in its not about being the best but remaining that state of mind is always MIND OF MUZIK the movement is in effect follow me.....


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