Mann Songs

  • Not A Day Goes By
    Not A Day Goes By
    Mann aka Yump Daniels is getting ready to drop his Feel Triiip and he decided to drop "Not A Day Goes By," for which he recruits the elite stoner squad of Dean Risko and Hugh Augustine.  Yump's PeaceLife collective is always coming through with smooth, psychedelic, weed-inspired tracks, and "Not A Day Goes By" is no exception. This electric piano is impossibly smooth, as is the guitar, and together they wil send you for a loop whether you're zooted or not. if you dig The Internet, you'll dig this. 
  • On My Line
    On My Line
    Mann is preparing the Peacelife Collective project, assembling a talented group of artists, and releasing collaborative records over the last couple of months. A couple weeks back, we got LanaaMak and Jetpack Jones' "Reasons", and today we've been graced with a new record from Mann himself, also displaying the talent of newcomer YMTK.
  • Timothy
    Inspired by Timothy Leary (for those who do not know, that's an American psychologist who was an advocate for psychedelic drugs like LSD in the 1960s), Mann comes through today with an audio and visual for a new record called "Timothy." Mann says he's sees parallels between the current drug culture and '60s culture, which influenced the record. The trippy visual treatment also serves as the rapper's first video he both shot and edited-- you can peep it below, and tell us how he did.
  • As The World Turns
    As The World Turns
    A lot has changed since Eminem dropped "As The World Turns" way back in 2000, but, if this new track from Mann is any indication, we've still got a long way to go before we all find peace. Produced by JC4INNOVATIVE, this piano-laced leak finds Mann and collaborator Marc Payne reflecting on personal, political and social struggles while aiming to be voices for change. Feeling this track? Be sure to follow Mann on Twitter for more from this peaceful-minded emcee.
  • Right Now
    Right Now
    Jetpack Jones is back with the first single off of his upcoming 380 SL project hosted by DJ SWU. Featuring Mann and produced by Jetpack Movement producer Don Diestro, the throwback feel of the record falls directly in line with the expectations that the emcee set out for when he first described the project back in May:  "My grandfather had a 380 SL when I was a kid, and it's something I'll always remember him by. The sound of the project is inspired by the type of music that was out when the 380 SL was popular."
  • FastLane
    Mann's on the fast lane to success; it's time to roll with him or get left behind. At least that's the message being conveyed on the latest single from the Los Angeles emcee. Produced by JMG, this brand new dropped is the latest in a consistent stream of music Mann has been releasing over the past several months. His last drop, "Chosen Few," premiered on HNHH exclusively earlier this month, achieving positive reception from our readers.
  • Chosen Few
    Chosen Few
    Mann has been releasing plenty of solid material over the last year or so, and people are beginning to notice. Most recently, he dropped his album, The Grey Area (which is still available to stream on HNHH, by the way), earning him a guest spot from Dizzy Wright, and great reception all around.
  • Freedom
    We heard from Mann just three days ago with his loose cut "#TheRevolutionStartsInJune," which kicked things off promo-wise for his upcoming album The Grey Area. Today the chilled out West Coast native hits us with the first official single from The Grey Area "Freedom."
  • #TheRevolutionStartsInJune
    West Coast MC Mann is preparing to drop his full-length proper debut album in June, and today, he gives fans a warning that it's on the way with the hashtagged-track "The Revolution Starts In June." Mann is an advocate of a peaceful way of life, hence his PeaceLife movement, and this will undoubtedly be reiterated in his album titled The Grey Area. You can expect it to impact on June 22nd. For this record here, he recruits his "lady rap protege" LanaaMak with production from West Coast producers Damizza and Losos, and Scratches courtesy of the BakaBoyz.
  • No Rolex Zone (No Flex Zone Freestyle)
    No Rolex Zone (No Flex Zone Freestyle)
    "Time don't exist, so fuck a clock on your wrist." West L.A. / PeaceLife representative MANN has put his spin on emerging Tupelo, Mississippi duo Rae Sremmurd's recent "No Flex Zone" single (produced by Mike WiLL Made It), steering the materialistic cut in the opposite direction. In case it wasn't already evident, he's not flexing here - he's just speaking the truth. Stream and/or download the track to the left, watch the video for the original below, and let us know how they compare, folks - which do you prefer?
  • Hippies On The Lawn
    Hippies On The Lawn
    It's that time of day again, folks - on the West Coast, at least. "Hippies On The Lawn" is the latest peace offering from West L.A. representative MANN, featuring Lakewood, California's Jetpack Jones over production from Dari The Spazzz. It's an ode to individuality, weed and women; can't go wrong, really.
  • Good Ol Days
    Good Ol Days
    Sean Brown dropped his Whole Foods 2 mixtape back in September 2013, and he's getting ready to follow the project up with Mascot, which will hit the net on March 17th. Brown is apparently planning to release a new leak from the tape every monday until it drops, and so far, he's followed through with that, gracing us with the title track last week, and now his new track, "Good Ol Days".
  • BitterSweet
    Stream and/or download "BitterSweet", the latest offering from West Los Angeles representative MANN, produced by enimaL and the Red Vision collective. The track explores his new musical inspirations, his status as an independent artist and his burgeoning PeaceLife movement.
  • It's Possible
    It's Possible
    Stream and/or download "It's Possible", the latest collaborative offering from The PeaceLife Tribe and The Jetpack Movement, brought to you by fellow Californian emcees MANN and Jetpack Jones. 
  • Tuition
    "Tuition" is a choice cut from California duo BEeFF's new self-titled EP, featuring PeaceLife abbot MANN on the assist. Cop the EP here.  Here's a disclaimer for those unfamiliar: 
  • Fucked Up
    Fucked Up
    For those unfamiliar, JC4Innovative, aka Jeffery Hunt, is a rising producer/engineer from Los Angeles, California. "Fucked Up" is his latest offering, which features vocal contributions from fellow Cali artists MANN, Reem Riches and C-Ballin.  Can you dig it? Quotable Lyrics "Yump Daniels off the Jack Daniels / Smokin' fat blunts, mobbin' like Sopranos / Come get your bitch 'cause she flyin' off the handle / Me and my niggas don't fall for the propaghanda." -MANN  
  • She Choosin (Remix)
    She Choosin (Remix)
    Listen to She Choosin (Remix) , the latest track from Calikidd, featuring MANN. The cut dropped on Sunday, November 24th, 2013. Calikidd's future brightens with every new release, and She Choosin (Remix) certainly isn't an exception. It's a fitting addition to a solid catalogue that Calikidd has been developing since stepping foot in the game. We're excited to hear more.
  • Family Jewel
    Family Jewel
    Tone Oliver's movement grows stronger with each new release, and Family Jewel has further strengthened that fact. It's a solid addition to the commendable body of work Tone Oliver has been creating since stepping foot in the rap game, and we're definitely looking forward to what Tone Oliver has on deck.
  • Swine
    Listen to Swine, the latest track from Tone Oliver. The cut dropped on Sunday, November 10th, 2013. Tone Oliver's future brightens with every new release, and Swine certainly isn't an exception. It's a fitting addition to a solid catalogue that Tone Oliver has been developing since stepping foot in the game. We're excited to hear more. Have you heard Tone Oliver's Lennon's Prologue? If you dig this, visit Tone Oliver's profile for the latest info, news, songs, and mixtapes.
  • Time Collapse
    Time Collapse
    Mann links up with Fuck Volume's Dizzy Wright for his newest track. The cut was released on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013.  Is this a good combination? How does it compare to MANN's previous work? Let us know what you think, y'all. Check out the latest video for "Time Collapse" here, and visit Mann's profile page for the latest info, news, songs and mixtapes.