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Majusde was born deep down south in Miami-Dade county in the small town of Florida City. Majusde grew up in a family of entrepreneurs – his parents owned businesses on 4th street aka MLK street in the historic African-American district in Homestead, Fl in the 1980’s. His father owned and operated a grocery store where Majusde learned how to hustle and make money. Majusde’s mother owned and ran a record store across the street from the grocery store, that’s where Majusde’s love for music began. Growing up in a record shop surrounded by music, he began rapping and DJing. Both parents were heavily involved within the community, giving Majusde a deep rooted love for music and grand sense of community which is exhibited throughout his numerous projects. His father died when Majusde was only fourteen years old, which left him the man of the household at an early age. After high school Majusde entered into the military where he formulated and brought together a group of hungry rappers from around the country on his first recorded project, an underground double CD. This project was made while training in Texas. He later was stationed in Germany which provided him the opportunity to network, perform and build his fan base overseas. He separated from the military in 2002 and formed Enapryze Inc. which is the label of his Rap group ThirtyNikelz aka 30nikz consisting of Wilthang, Flos Beezy and Idre. Their 1st show was at the Down South Apollo in Homestead, Fl where they received a tremendous ovation from the audience. This was a monumental performance for Majusde and 30nikz. Other performances include but are not limited to several shows at Ruby Lounge on South Beach, Miami Knights, Maracas, Booby Trap, Tex Mex, St. John Missionary Baptist Church’s Youth Day for two consecutive years as well as performances for the Barbara Harkins Foundation youth initiatives . Majusde’s label Enapryze is part of the community, making sure that down south & Dade County as a whole is represented in the Music Scene. Majusde has produced and been featured on numerous underground musical projects for 30Nikz, Boomshottaz and the Hardheads. His extensive underground catalogue includes “Filthy Bottom Mixtapes Volumes I-III” and “DJ Allen P Presents 30Nikz and Boomshottaz the mixtape”. Not to mention Majusde has also done work with Dunk Ryders’ artist D Blak, indie artist Vagabond formerly of 40watt hype from Fresno, Ca and Boomshottaz also from Dade County as well as production for Lil Cease of Junior Mafia among many other projects. Majusde also had the opportunity to write, direct and produce a feature length film “a Message to the GOS (generation of sedation)”. This film was inspired by a pivotal line in one of his songs by the same name. On that song, when referring to the young generation now coming up, Majusde said: “They look at you like you crazy when you tell how it is. They don’t want to hear that [explicit], they enticed by clips and bricks, that [explicit] who thick, you know that straight gangsta [explicit]. This the generation of sedation, if you ask satan but I don’t deal with that hater, I found a replacement: CHRIST JESUS my Savior”. Within the film, you will see how Majusde’s faith in CHRIST JESUS enabled him to be able to reach out to that generation of sedation. After all, Majusde stands for Me And JESUS United Soul Delivered Eternally. Majusde’s body of work is a collection of uniquely raw material however he is not only an MC, artist and producer but also an entrepreneur. Majusde takes notes from the great business models of No limit records’ CEO Master P’s business tactics and Rza of Wu-Tang’s musical innovations and applies it to his endeavors. Currently Majusde is working on new material that will put him on the international mainstream radar. A seasoned underground General, Majusde is ready to take his music to the masses and give the music industry the breath of fresh air that it has been frantically gasping for. Blessed with musical talent and business whit, Majusde is sure to become a household name and establish trends for years to come.


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