Majid Jordan Videos

  • Majid Jordan Feat. Drake "My Love" Video
    Majid Jordan Feat. Drake "My Love" Video
    The first time most heard Majid Jordan was Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home," but they've built their own following since releasing material through OVO Sound, but they still link with Drake now and again. Their latest single features a good portion of Drizzy vocals, getting back into a zone we haven't seen him revisit much since "Take Care" with Rihanna, singing over a clubby instrumental.
  • Majid Jordan "Forever" Video
    Majid Jordan "Forever" Video
    Last summer, OVO duo Majid Jordan dropped an EP by the name of A Place Like This, and today, the duo have shared a video for "Forever." Check it out above. The visuals feature a very talented breakdancer taking his craft to various locations, many of which are off-limits. He ducks security guards, navigates botanical gardens, and bobs in between passengers on a subway car. While he's not quite as flexible and shocking as the dancer in Pusha T's recent "Lunch Money" video, the videos somewhat resemble each other. 
  • Majid Jordan "Her" Video
    Majid Jordan "Her" Video
    After offering up an official music video for "A Place Like This," off Majid Jordan's EP of the same name, the OVO-signed duo return to the EP with another set of visuals for "Her." It's all about the visual aesthetics in this crisp black and white music video. The shots are clean and minimal, from mannequin-like girls to kaleidoscope views of the singer and the girls. The official music video was directed by Common Good, check it out above.
  • Majid Jordan "A Place Like This" Video
    Majid Jordan "A Place Like This" Video
    A few hours ago, Toronto R&B duo Majid Jordan released a new track entitled "A Place Like This," and now it's already received a music video. Showing the OVO duo performing amidst a crowded, moodily-lit party, the video matches the song's darkly intriguing character perfectly. We follow a woman on a strange journey that begins and ends with the same sexual encounter, and has her walking through the party in between. 
  • Drake Feat. Majid Jordan "Hold On, We're Going Home" Video
    Drake Feat. Majid Jordan "Hold On, We're Going Home" Video
    On the day of his album release, Drake decides to drop the official music video for the lead single off "Nothing Was The Same." The short film, as it were, takes place in Miami in 1985, with A$AP Rocky making a congratulatory speech to Drake & friends. The music starts at the 2:49 mark, after Drake's girl gets kidnapped, which kicks off the story as well. The crew goes on the hunt for the girl, which ends in a gun shoot out and explosions, before Drake finally rescues his lady and goes home. It's kinda reminiscent of J.