Maino Songs

  • Harder Than (Remix)
    Harder Than (Remix)
    Today Maino reminds us that back in October he dropped his King of Brooklyn 3 album, with a remix of "Harder Than Them." The self-proclaimed K.O.B. enlists three fellow New Yorkers (Uncle Murda, Dave East and Manolo Rose) for the "Harder Than Them (Remix)," each attempting to go harder than the rest-- more than a few rappers are mentioned in the process, including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Drake, Meek Mill, Puff, Pac and the list goes on. Do you think they really went harder than all those dudes? 
  • RGF Island (Freestyle)
    RGF Island (Freestyle)
    If you've been following Fetty for a while, you'll be well-versed in the triumphant melodies of "RGF Island," but with the release of his debut album last week, there are plenty of people hearing the song for the first time, and Maino may be one of them. Fetty's colorful auto-tuned hooks aren't generally the type of sound a purist like Maino would co-sign, but it seems this one is just too great to deny, plus it's *almost* from New York, which probably earns some extra points from the rapper. 
  • Straight Outta Brooklyn
    Straight Outta Brooklyn
    It’s been a minute since DJ Kay Slay last dropped off one of his monster posse cuts, but today he returns with just that. Calling on just about every rapper from Brooklyn, Slay releases the collab “Straight Outta Brooklyn,” featuring Maino, Fame, Papoose, Uncle Murda, Troy Ave, Moe Chipps, and Lucky Don. The New York City collab will see life on Kay Slay’s upcoming mixtape, Shadow of the Sun, which drops next month. Take a listen to the 5-minute onslaught and let us know who went the hardest.
  • Picture Me Rollin' (Remix)
    Picture Me Rollin' (Remix)
    We've seen veteran rappers really bring back the freestyle game this year, and Brooklyn's Maino is happy to partake, spending long nights in the booth dropping heat over classic instrumentals. Unlike those DJ Clue-hosted freestyles of fellow BK don Fabolous, who only rapped over New York records for his #FridayNightFreestyles series, Maino is happy to experiment with different regional hits.
  • Goin Up (Remix)
    Goin Up (Remix)
    Matty Tosca and G-Wreck's "Goin' Up" has been given a big co-sign with the addition of Maino on the remix. This isn't the first time the two have got a nod from a respected New York emcee, bringing in Fred The Godson on "Everything's A Go". The new track features a catchy hook and a piano-driven instrumental that sound like Zaytiven gone Brooklyn.
  • Nostrand Ave (Remix)
    Nostrand Ave (Remix)
    Coming off the release of his King Of Brooklyn 3 mixtape, Maino continues to keep the new music coming. After hitting us with his “Differences” freestyle recently, the Brooklyn native decides to do it all over again, this time sharing one called “Nostrand Ave.” Taking on an Eminem classic, listen as Maino puts on for NYC and spits a two and half minute freestyle that the fans should fuck with.
  • The Difference (Remix)
    The Difference (Remix)
    Dr. Dre's "The Difference" remains one of the fattest beats in the history of hip hop. It's no surprise that the self-appointed king of Brooklyn Maino decided to take a stab at it, following up another old school remix "Games People Play" released last week.
  • Games People Play
    Games People Play
    Fresh off the release of his King Of Brooklyn 3 mixtape, Maino decides to return to the scene today with a new freestyle over Sweet G’s classic instrumental “Games People Play.” Adding his Brooklyn flavor the 1983 cut, Maino showcases his usual slick wordplay & aggressive delivery, while rapping about the street life in the process. Take a listen and if you like what you hear then hit the download.
  • Love My Niggas
    Love My Niggas
    After a minor setback, Maino finally released the third installment in his King Of Brooklyn mixtape series on Tuesday morning. Laced with 17 tracks, the follow up to last year’s album features guest appearances from Chinx, Vado, Uncle Murda, Kevin Gates, and many more.
  • My Next Bitch
    My Next Bitch
    Maino has been coming through with freestyles on a regular basis, and today he's got yet another KOBmix for us with "My Next Bitch". As with the last few records which saw him going in over some early 00s smooth Diddy-core, this one brings a generous helping of Spanish guitar-riffing that was so popular at the time, this one being a hit from R&B group Total.
  • Malcolm (Freestyle)
    Malcolm (Freestyle)
    Before releasing his next full length project, King Of Brooklyn 3, Maino's been spending the last few weeks dropping off freestyles at a breakneck pace.
  • Summertime (Freestyle)
    Summertime (Freestyle)
    While we wait for updates on his upcoming King Of Brooklyn 3 project, Maino continues to pump out new freestyles to hold us over in the meantime. After hitting us with tracks like “I Don’t Want To Know” “Only You” & “Harder Then Them” recently, the King of Brooklyn decides to return today with another one, this time taking on Beyonce’s “Summertime” instrumental.
  • Harder Than Them
    Harder Than Them
    Recently Maino's been taking on some early Bad Boy instrumentals and making them his own.
  • Only You (Freestyle)
    Only You (Freestyle)
    The self-proclaimed King of Brooklyn makes a return today with a new freestyle, "Only You." Maino takes on the instrumental from New Jersey trio Total, "Can't You See," a collaboration they did with the OG King of Brooklyn, Biggie. He's changed the title of the song to "Only You," for whatever reason, referencing a different song.
  • I Don't Want To Know (Freestyle)
    I Don't Want To Know (Freestyle)
    Maino recently unearthed the very classic, but somewhat forgotten "I Need A Girl Part 2" on his most recent freestyle, and today he's gone back into the early 00s Bad Boy files to pull out "I Don't Want To Know," The Fugees-sampling ballad from Mario Winans and Diddy. This is yet another track to prep fans for the release of Maino's upcoming project KOB 3, which is set for a July 31st release. Look out for plenty more to come, likely including leaks from the project itself in the coming weeks. Do we need a Mario Winans comeback or nah?
  • Rockin Wit The KOB
    Rockin Wit The KOB
    Lately we've seen a trend of New York rappers taking on classic instrumentals from the late 90s, but today, Maino has widened the sampling margin a little bit, going for Diddy's 2002 hit, "I Need A Girl Part 2". Now, if you were old enough to appreciate the "We Invented The Remix" era of Diddy, you'll know that there were plenty of arguments over which version of "I Need A Girl" was the definitive.
  • Give It To Ya (Freestyle)
    Give It To Ya (Freestyle)
    Although she's rarely given the praise she deserves these days, Da Brat was one of the most vital femcees of the 90s-- in fact, she was the first solo female rapper to go platinum, doing so with her 1994 debut Funkdafied. Today, Maino pays homage to the Chicago native by offering up a freestyle over "Give It 2 You," the closing track of the aforementioned album.
  • Milly Rock Remix
    Milly Rock Remix
    This week Maino dropped "The Most Beautiful," a slide-in-your-girl's-DMs anthem and remix of Keith Murray's "The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World." Today he gives us his "Milly Rock K.O.B. Remix," his rework of 2 Milly's "Milly Rock."
  • MMM (Remix)
    MMM (Remix)
    Cassidy continues to keep the new music coming. After hitting us with the track “Lets Go Champ”, the Philly native decides to return and give his March release “MMM” the MEGA-remix treatment, recruiting Fred Money, Vado, Uncle Murda, Vado, JR Writer, Fat Trel, Dave East, Chubby Jag, Compton Menace, Red Café, Papoose, Drag-On, and Fred Da Godson.
  • The Most Beautiful
    The Most Beautiful
    Maino isn't afraid to slide up in your DMs. The New York takes on Keith Murray's classic 1994 single, "The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World," to give it a modern twist, incorporating the preferred hook-up platform in 2015-- direct messages. The rapper makes a toast to all the beautiful women, both IRL and online, all while channelling the feel of the 90s, as many New York emcees have been doing on their recent freestyles.