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Mario Perez III was born on April 23rd 1993. Wasn't really into music all of his life all he loved to do was play baseball and play videogames like other boys did during his childhood. Music was never something Mario loved to hear he always would shut the radio off or raise the volume to play other things over music. You could say hated it at the time. He has two sisters that loved to sing and dance always so it was hard for music to get away from him. One song changed Mario's life completly the name of the song was ' Empire State Of Mind ' by Jay Z ft Alicia Keys. That song for some reason made Mario want to rap you could say to be a cool person he was just entering high school at the time. He thought of names to call himself so he named himself originally (MP3) but he went on saying thats what are the file names for music and MP3 players at the time, it would be funny. So he changed it to (M-P3). M for 'Mario' P for 'Perez' 3 for 'III' so it's not about a MP3 player or any of that its my name. Well to get into more detail Mario turned from being a wanna be rapper to becoming a real artist making love songs about feelings that all people can relate to ALL PEOPLE. Unlike other artists I'm trying to become like the rapper that inspired me. His name was Drake and I want to be just like him when I grow up. I have developed into a R&B artist more working on singing. I am wanted by many teams, and groups but to me its about me and I want to show the world you can become someone doing things yourself, the beats I use are from websites and i purchase some leases to use them and to me if I don't become famous it will be all fine because still I will be living a dream I want to live which is MAKING MUSIC. Well to end this bio you should listen to me before you judge me and think about what you say thank you world, hope to become someone you all look up to someday.


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