MC Hammer News

  • Cover of IRS Reportedly Demanding $1.4 Million From MC Hammer
    MC Hammer's tax problems continue, even eighteen years after he famously filed for bankruptcy and lost all his master recordings in the process. We reported last December that the rapper owed almost $800,000 in taxes to the IRS, but apparently they're demanding even more, now asking Hammer for $1.4 million.
  • Cover of MC Hammer Owes $800,000 In Back Taxes
    According to the unquestionable TMZ, it seems Stanley Kirk Burrell, aka M.C. Hammer, is being sued by the federal government for $798,033.48 in unpaid taxes. 
  • Cover of MC Hammer Says Charges Of Obstruction Have Been Dropped
    Last month we reported on an incident involving MC Hammer, in which he was stopped by the police and claimed to be a victim of racial profiling.The veteran MC had been charged with obstructing an officer and resisting an officer in Dublin, California.
  • Cover of MC Hammer Arrested For Obstruction, Claims Racial Profiling
    MC Hammer was arrested yesterday for obstructing a police officer, however, the rapper claims a different chain of events occurred.
  • Cover of MC Hammer Owes $700,000 in Taxes
    MC Hammer supposedly owes the US Government $779,585 in back taxes, and they aren't forgetting it.
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