LyriX was born Gary Le’Roi Gray in Chicago, Illinois. His affinity for words began when he could read and write by the age off three years old. He started rhyming around the age of 5, writing rhymes in notebooks when most kids his age were drawing happy faces. It didn’t take long for his family to take notice of his hobby turned talent, and they set out to cultivate it. By the age of 8, LyriX was doing local shows in his hometown, then going by the name “Lil G”. He released a street single, “Lil G Is In Da House”, and got his first taste of radio play at an early age. While he enjoyed the world of rapping, LyriX had gotten bit with another bug at an early age – the acting bug. His acting career started at the age of five on the original Cosby Show, and has continued even into present day. After appearing on The Cosby Show for two years, LyriX and his mom decided to fly out to California for a few months, hearing that acting jobs were plentiful. As his acting career flourished, his rap career took a hit, retreating into the confines of his notebooks in his bedroom. At the age of fourteen, LyriX was asked to join a hip-hop/R&B group by longtime friend Forrest West a.k.a. E.Q. LyriX agreed, taking on the name Blayze – the name his mother was initially going to name him. The group recorded a studio album that was never released and performed throughout Los Angeles for a year before deciding to make a member change – keeping only LyriX (then Blayze) and E.Q. With the switch in members, LyriX decided to switch his rap moniker to “LyriX”. The switch was inspired by an interview, in which he was asked, what is the most important thing to him as a rapper. He simply responded “Lyrics. It’s always about what you say. The greats have had all sorts of deliveries and flows, but the ones that have gone down in the history books had something important to say. I want to be remembered because of the stories I told. Not how I told them.” After a two year run, the group split in 2005. LyriX, discouraged from a seemingly stagnant rap career, decided to hang up his pen. The love for hip-hop never left however, and he soon found himself writing once again. After 6 years of inactivity, LyriX returned to the booth for E.Q’s “6.7 : The Mixtape”. After a bit of inspiration and encouragement from his friends and family, LyriX made a triumphant return to the rap game with his mini-mixtape “You’re Welcome”. It’s first single, “Light Up” ft. The Crown Holders, reached #1 on within 24 hours of it’s release. Armed with the confidence he needed to finally take life as an emcee serious, LyriX began doing many covers with talented artists such as Eclectic, TopBananas, Comodity (now Bryan Christopher), and J-Dub. On May 5th, LyriX will release his second full-length solo project - The Formula 2: The Breakthrough. Are YOU ready?


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