Lupe Fiasco Songs

  • Schemes
    Out of nowhere, Lupe Fiasco decided to surprise his fans Saturday morning with a new project called Pharoah Height 2/30, which he first hinted at back in June. Laced with only 6 tracks, the featureless project serves a sequel to his 2006 mixtape Farenheit 1/15.
  • Say
    Lupe Fiasco dropped one of his best albums yet earlier this year with the ambitious Tetsuo & Youth. If you checked the credits you'd see that up-and-coming vocalist, PJ, contributed some backing vocals to one of the LP's strongest tracks, "Deliver". She also showed up on the rapper's 2014 record, "Mazinger," but this time it's Lupe's turn to take the feature credit, assisting the singer on her new single, "Say".
  • LAW (LoveAllWays)
    LAW (LoveAllWays)
    After weighing in on the Drake/Meek drama a couple week back, Lupe Fiasco decides to return to the scene today with some new music for us. Coming out of nowhere, the Chicago emcee releases this new slow jam called “LAW (LoveAllWays)” featuring Simon Saze.
  • Countdown
    Consequence and Lupe Fiasco is an unexpected but very natural combination, and their new record, "Countdown," plays to both of the rappers' strengths. Cons and Mike Cash provide the warm, sample-based beat that even features a couple of DJ scratches here and there, providing a comfortable palette for the two rappers to bring things back to the early 00s backpack era.
  • Atomic Misphilosophy
    Atomic Misphilosophy
    After outdoing himself with Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe Fiasco has decided to give us a look at the album that almost dropped in its place. *Takes a huge breath* Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 2 was planned as the original follow up to Fisco's similarly long-winded 2012 project, but the rapper decided to scrap it for the T&Y concept.
  • Stellar Light
    Stellar Light
    If you remember, Lupe Fiasco was the 2014 U.S. Men's National Soccer Team's music director last Summer, which saw him picking out the team's playlists and curating the official rally anthem, “Stellar Light”, for them. While we only caught a preview of the record back in June, Lupe decided to come through tonight and liberate the full version of the anthem for our listening pleasure.
  • They. Resurrect. Over. New.
    They. Resurrect. Over. New.
    We have two big album releases happening today, Joey Bada$$'s B4.DA.$$ as well as Lupe Fiasco's last LP on Atlantic Tetsuo & Youth.
  • Chopper
    Here we go with one last record from Lupe Fiasco, as we anticipate his new album Tetsuo & Youth officially dropping tomorrow! A few days back Lupe hit us with the premiere of "Murals" and he's back again with "Chopper," a hard-hitting record with production from the talented DJ Dahi.
  • Mural
    With his highly anticipated album, Tetsuo & Youth, only a few days away, Lupe Fiasco decides to treat fans to one last leak before it arrives called "Mural", and we're more than happy to bring it to you.
  • Adoration Of The Magi
    Adoration Of The Magi
    Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth is shaping up to be something special. While it took forever to get a release date, it seems that Lupe succeeded in making no compromises with his new record. The first single from the project paired him with Ty Dolla $ign once again, and proved to be a promising look at things to come.
  • Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood)
    Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood)
    Lupe Fiasco's had a rough time getting his record out, but ever since receiving a release date from Atlantic, he's proved that he's making some of his best music in years. "Deliver", a Ty Dolla $ign-assisted song that addresses various stigmas around America's "ghettos" was a triumph of a first single -- as well written as it was uncompromising. Fiasco's new record is in a similar vein, politically-charged and tastefully presented.
  • Deliver
    Lupe Fiasco's Tetsuo & Youth has been in limbo for some time, but just a few weeks back, Atlantic gave the album the green light. With a new release date of January 20th, Fiasco has gone full speed ahead with the rollout, providing a brand new single today.
  • Only The Bulls
    Only The Bulls
    Rappers have always made sure to put on for their teams whenever they could, but as far as crafting songs specifically as sports anthems, things have definitely revved up over the last few weeks. "Black & Yellow" -- while not originally foreseen as a Steelers pump up song -- may have been the beginning of the trend, and now the Chicago Bulls have a record to match it, with Chicago native Lupe Fiasco and Illinois pop punk quartet Fall Out Boy fulfilling their duties as fans.
  • Mazinger
    Lupe Fiasco continues to choose Friday as his day of choice for mixtape leaks. Last week's cut was "Haile Selassie" featuring singer Nikki Jean, and this week he enlists a different singer, PJ for the hook on "Mazinger." Don't let that intro deter you from checking out the rest of the song. As per usual, Lupe packs a punch with his lyrics, plenty of alliteration and a smooth flow connecting everything. Production comes from SX.
  • Haile Selassie
    Haile Selassie
    Lupe Fiasco continues to get fans excited for both his mixtape and album by delivering another new leak today. Last week he chose to end the week/kick off the weekend with the more experimental cut "Lilies" featuring Sirah. This Friday he's back at it again with something smooth for your morning "Haile Selassie" featuring singer Nikki Jean. We recently got a bit more acquainted with Nikki Jean when she and Ab-Soul connected for "Champagne Waters."
  • Lilies
    Now that things are finally starting to go Lupe's way, namely, Atlantic Records finally announced a release date for his album Tetsuo & Youth, the rapper has decided to put out some new music for the fans.
  • Pu$$y
    This year was supposed to be Lupe Fiasco's comeback, but with Tetsuo & Youth being continually delayed, it's starting to look like 2014 may be a missed opportunity for the Chicago rapper. That being said, he's dropped a number of great one-off tracks, and does so again today with "Pu$$y," a song that features Miami native Billy Blue.
  • Remission
    Lupe Fiasco has teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer to drop a brand new single. Available on iTunes on September 5th, "Remission" is the latest in for-charity singles that SU2C has made available for public purchase. Featuring Jennifer Hudson and Common, the track will be performed during the highly-publicized live event on September 5th at 8pm/7c via Stand Up To Cancer's official website.
  • Stellar Light (Preview)
    Stellar Light (Preview)
    As we reported on recently, Lupe Fiasco has been named the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team's music director. In addition to promoting his Tetsuo & Youth single "Mission" in this position, he'll also be curating the game playlists, and he's created the U.S.
  • Next To It (CDQ)
    Next To It (CDQ)
    A few days ago Lupe dropped off a new record featuring Ty Dolla $ign, "Next To It," off his forthcoming album Tetsuo & Youth. The song sits in stark contrast to Lupe's last release, the cancer-awareness and thought-provoking record "Mission", as this is Lupe on his ignant tip, spitting about money and hoes.