Lone Soulja__

Corel "Lone Soulja" Ford is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. After joining to save a warring relationship he found that the reason he joined the military had taken him for granted. So in time he left the Marines. In less than a heartbeat the relationship had fell apart and the woman that he had did so much for had left with his only child never to be seen again. Lone Soulja almost died but he re-invented himself as he planted seeds in new territory such as rap and martial arts, philosophy and creative writing. Having not the lifelong experience with rap or freestyling like other artists he had to catch up with the industry. He spent three years developing his art as a new rapper, but it was another seasoned New Orleans rapper by the name GHETTOCHILD that inspired him to rap in the first place in addition to rappers like 2PAC and Lil Wayne. Lone Soulja has only been rapping since 2009 and he has came a long ways with his mirror patterned rhyme style and diamond cutting organization of his bars. He raps as if he know how the track is going to end before it even started. He personally stated that " i can tell if im going to like a track and how to come on it within the first 3 or 4 seconds of hearing it". I guess that explains it. Lone Soulja has dedicated most of his time to sharpening his lyrical swords and topic matter.


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