Lil Scrappy News

  • Cover of Shooting Outside Lil Scrappy Show Leaves One Dead
    Four people were left with non-life threatening wounds following a shooting outside a Meek Mill concert this weekend, but unfortunately, one victim of a similar shooting at Lil Scrappy's show on Friday was not so lucky.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy Arrested After Gas Station Brawl
    Lil Scrappy is certainly living up to his name. The rapper was arrested after getting into a scuffle inside a gas station in Atlanta earlier this week. Things apparently got heated when a man insulted Scrappy's girlfriend, and soon after punches were thrown.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy Speaks On Going To Rehab For Weed Addiction [Update: Scrappy Leaves Rehab]
    Lil Scrappy is heading to rehab to get his weed addiction in check, after failing his urine test while on probation and proving positive for marijuana.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy Fails Urine Test, Proves Positive For Marijuana
    Lil Scrappy, who is on probation, recently submitted a urine sample which was deemed suspicious, and an arrest warrant was soon issued for the rapper. Although the urine sample was thought to have been tampered with because it was cold to touch, Scrappy denied that he ever even gave a urine sample to begin with.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy Released From Jail [Update: Scrappy’s Probation Hearing For Cold Urine Pushed Back]
    Lil Scrappy turned himself in to the police yesterday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest because of a suspicious urine sample. However, the reality T.V. star didn't have to spend too much time locked up, as he was released today.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy Turns Himself In To Police
    Lil Scrappy finally decided to turn himself in over that questionable urine sample the cops received from the reality T.V. star.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy Wanted By Police For Urine Sample
    Lil Scrappy is once again in trouble with the law. Last week it was reported that the "Love & Hip Hop" star's TV checks would be forwarded straight to a concert booking company he owes a large debt to. Now, Scrappy has an even stranger case on his hands.
  • Cover of Lil Scrappy's "Love & Hip Hop" Checks Held To Satisfy Debt
    Lil Scrappy, who currently stars in VH1's "Love & Hip Hop", better hope he still has some "Money In The Bank" from his 2006 hit single, because he won't be earning any cash from his TV job for the next little while. A concert booking company named Heavy Rotation sued the rapper in 2010, and Scrappy was or
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