Lil Flip News

  • Cover of Lil Flip Indicted On Controlled Substance Charge
    Lil Flip just got off the hook for an arrest warrant stemming from a missed court date earlier this month, but it seems like the rapper's legal woes are far from over.
  • Cover of Warrant Issued For Lil Flip's Arrest [Update: Arrest Warrant Recalled]
    According to the almighty TMZ, celebrated Houston emcee Lil' Flip skipped a court hearing this morning, and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. The rapper was accussed of both drug and gun possession last year after police found several blunts and an AR-15 rifle in his vehicle on Christmas night.
  • Cover of Two People Shot During Lil Flip's 4/20 Concert In Denver
    Recently Colorado is one of the states to legalize marijuana which made this past 4/20 a very special occasion in Denver.  Rapper Lil Flip was performing at Civic Center Park where thousands had gathered and at around 5:00pm local time shots were fired with two people being struck.  
  • Cover of Lil Flip Pleads Not Guilty To Possession Of Marijuana & Firearm
    Lil Flip ran into some trouble in  Louisiana this past year, when he was pulled over for speeding and cops found marijuana and an AR-15 rifle in his car.
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