Lil B Songs

  • Whats Next
    Whats Next
    This afternoon, Chance The Rapper and Lil B The Based God surprised us with their collaborative mixtape. It was rumored to be in the works for a minute, with Chance confirming said rumors the other month. The joint six-song project is available for free download here.
  • Pussy Money Dope
    Pussy Money Dope
    It’s been a minute since Keith Jenkins last impacted our pages, but with his Black Bart 2 project set to arrive next Friday, July 31st, the Bay Area rapper decides to share another leak off it today titled “Pussy Money Dope” featuring fellow Pack member Lil B & ATL’s ILoveMakonnen.
  • Champion
    To celebrate the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Championship this year, Bay Area’s very own Kehlani, Iamsu!, G-Eazy, and Lil B decided to unite for this appropriately titled tribute track called “Champion”. Produced by HBK Gang’s own P-Lo, listen as each respective artist put on for their Bay Area and reference several players from the NBA’s best team, including the obvious Curry & Klay Thompson name drops of course. Take a listen and let us know who had the best verse?
  • Murder Rate
    Murder Rate
    Lil B's last song was an uplifting, heartfelt ode to black beauty entitled "No Black Person Is Ugly." He's now followed that up with a track that, on the surface, seems to tote a polar opposite sentiment. "Up The Murder Rate" is a tongue-in-cheek take on violence in hip-hop, perhaps stemming from Chief Keef's assertion that his next mixtape will "raise the murder rate."
  • Off Da Bench
    Off Da Bench
    This choice cut from Lil B's new Hoop Life mixtape is for all the aspiring athletes out there (ball players especially) who are stuck on the bench at the moment. May this become your anthem - use it to overcome those obstacles and take your game to the next level.  Let us know what you think of it generally, though. 
  • Listening To Lil B
    Listening To Lil B
    New American rap trio Stripclub Casino recently blessed their growing cult following with this new gem, and it goes without saying that the Based God must be thanked for it. Titled "Listening To Lil B," the record was produced by DG and ULOVEIT of The Guerrilla Monsters, and is a tribute to Lil B's staggering catalogue, which exceeds 50 projects at this point.
  • Chiraq (Freestyle)
    Chiraq (Freestyle)
    A$AP Ant has been putting in work lately, releasing plenty of tracks, including last week's "Face Tat" with Soulja Boy and Peewee Longway. The rapper has continued his barrage of new material with a freestyle over Nicki Minaj's "Chiraq", which is certainly the beat of the moment, especially considering it's been the battleground for a beef between Lil Durk and Tyga (which has now involved Game, 40 Glocc, and Compton Menace by association).
  • Scout's Report
    Scout's Report
    The Based God continues to flood the ‘net with new music. A few weeks ago, Lil B gave us the first taste of his upcoming mixtape with the controversial diss-record "Fuck KD", which he then followed up by reuniting with fellow Pretty Boy Millionaire, Soulja Boy on "Make It Work (Remix)". 
  • Good Day
    Good Day
    Lil B covers a range of styles, from the extremely absurd, to the deeply sincere. His new song, "Good Day" definitely finds him operating within the latter zone, confronting the issue of suicide. A vocal sample of from 2pac's "Changes", "Is life worth livin' should I blast myself?" loops on the chorus, paired with a soulful instrumental.
  • Real Based
    Real Based
    The Based God continues to flood the ‘net with new music.
  • NBA Live
    NBA Live
    Lil B gave us the first taste of his upcoming Hoop Life mixtape with his unforgettable diss track, "Fuck KD", which he then followed up by reuniting with fellow Pretty Boy Millionaire, Soulja Boy on "Make It Work (Remix)".  He's now dropped yet another leak from the tape, which surprisingly sports some pretty huge production credits. 
  • I Got That Sack
    I Got That Sack
    Stream and / or download Soulja Boy and Lil B's new collaborative record "I Got That Sack", a choice selection from the former's new King Soulja 2 mixtape, which is now available in our mixtape section. How's the chemistry here?
  • Make It Work (Remix)
    Make It Work (Remix)
    Soulja Boy and Lil B may have invented "Swag Rap" (or at least perfected it) with their Pretty Boy Millionaires mixtape in 2010, but outside of The Deandre Way highlight "30 Thousand Hundred Million", we haven't heard much from the duo since.
  • Fuck KD (Kevin Durant Diss)
    Fuck KD (Kevin Durant Diss)
    Kevin Durant made the very anti-based move of calling Lil B wack, and ever since the two have had a minor feud, sometimes going back and forth on Twitter. The Based God has actually challenged KD to a game of one on one, but so far the two have not gone head to head. 
  • 05 Fuck Em (Remix) / The BasedGod Is Perfect / Lying To The Kid
    05 Fuck Em (Remix) / The BasedGod Is Perfect / Lying To The Kid
    Lil B has been delivering his new material in three and four track installments over the past few weeks. The newest package deal from the Based God comes complete with a remix of the title track to his year-capping 101-track 05 Fuck 'Em mixtape, as well as new offerings "Lying To The Kid", and the incredibly (and accurately) titled "The BasedGod Is Perfect".
  • Rides Of Hope / I Don't Hate You / Keep It Focused / Based Hotline
    Rides Of Hope / I Don't Hate You / Keep It Focused / Based Hotline
    Lil B is preparing his BASEDWORLD PARADISE mixtape, which he continues to preview in multiple track installments. 2 weeks ago, we got a 3-track package of new material from the almighty Based God, and today we receive another 4.
  • Move Correct / Just A Little Bit / Appreciate You
    Move Correct / Just A Little Bit / Appreciate You
    A very rare new sampler from Lil B, previewing three new tracks titled "Move Correct", "Just A Little Bit" and "Appreciate You", to be included on his upcoming BASEDWORLD PARADISE mixtape, which, according to him, is coming any day now.  From the Based God himself:  "I LOVE YOU! BASEDWORLD PARADISE MIXTAPE COMING ANY DAY!"  Don't forget to thank him. Quotable Lyrics
    After blessing us with a new mixtape on Christmas Eve (05 Fuck 'Em), Lil B returns with yet another rare offering, a new track titled "BASEDWORLD PARADISE".  Don't forget to thank him. From the Based God himself: "LOVE YOU! THIS IS AN EXTREMLELY RARE LEAK FROM THE GOLDEN COLLECTABLE CALLED "BASEDWORLD PARADISE". SPREAD THIS AROUND BASEDWORLD, LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE: HIP-HOP IS NOT DEAD." -Lil B
  • Bird Talk (Remix)
    Bird Talk (Remix)
    GBE's Fredo Santana decides to release a new remix to his single "Bird Talk" featuring Lil B. The track is produced by G5 Kid Murph. Fredo's new mixtape Its A Scary Site 2 is out now and can be downloaded here! Quotable Lyrics:
  • Bar Mitzvah
    Bar Mitzvah
    Today the Based God blesses his fans with new music, "Bar Mitzvah," because he's "ballin with his niggas all day." Lil B will be dropping a new project 05 Fuck Em, most likely around Christmas, so keep an eye out. Quotable Lyrics "Niggas want money but I ain't got no life support / Almost killed a bitch, tried to put me on child support."