Lil Bang

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Lil Bang was born Lee Morris Davis Jr on May 19 1990 in Long Beach, California. Lil Bang is an up and coming hip hop artist whose trials, and tribulations have shaped and influenced his music. His style, is his own, his lyrics are Him, real, grimmy and catchee. While going through hard time and living through life’s struggles Lil Bang discovered that Rap was more than just music and entertainment, it was self-expression and a possible exit out of hard times. Currently, Lil Bang has been working on a mixtape and his lp CD. He also has produce an underground mix tape titled Caution Volume One. The promotional underground mix tape is in heavy circulation throughout the streets. Lil Bang is a calm and quiet person with extreme confidence in his work. His off the wall delivery and sometimes sarcastic and outrageous lyrics differentiates him from other artists today. Lil Bang is his mother's secound and last child. His mother was a pot smoker. Him and his older brother spent most of their lives “hustling to get paid every day” as he would say, moving from house to house and School to School. He biological father was in and out of jail. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. Lil Bang and his brother were deeply affected by the drugs use of their parents. He grew up without any role-models except the "Drug Dealer" he said. Lil Bang grew up in the streets and had to learn many of life’s hard lessons the hard way. He has been jumped into a gang, seen close friends pass away. and lived to see his grandmother and grandfather die. Lil Bang went to live with his Grandmother for the summer at the age 14 . It was then he met an up and coming producer named John, who introduced him to the studio and he began recording. He discovered his creative talent to rap and he’s been rapping ever since. He has been influenced by different rappers such as Bad Azz, Snoop Dogg, Red man, E40, and otheres. Lil Bang has lived hard and learned much, through everything he is most proud of being Still alive and going after his dream. Lil Bang is ready to take his place as the self proclaimed, Bad Azz of the West Coast. He is unique on the microphone and with his thought provoking lyrics and charisma when performing, he is destined for greatness. He working on his Lp CD. His promotional underground Lp album album titled "LIL BANG" in coming soon. “WHEN THE GUNS GO OFF YOU THINK OF ME ...BANG”


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