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  • Cover of Ryan Leslie Facing Lawsuit From NYPD Detective
    Ryan Leslie is facing a new lawsuit from an NYPD officer, for using the detective's voicemail in a song he released back in 2011, "Joan Of Arc." The rapper faced legal troubles earlier this year, when he was taken to court and ordered to pay $1 million reward money to the finder of his laptop.
  • Cover of 50 Cent Claims He Lost Sleek Audio Suit Because Judge Was Racist
    Earlier this year, 50 Cent took Sleek Audio to court over a $261,000 debt he claimed the company owed him. The case ended up going to arbritration, a process in which an arbitrator makes the call between the two parties.
  • Cover of Robin Thicke "Reluctantly" Sues Marvin Gaye's Family Over "Blurred Lines"
    Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" definitely shares some stylistic elements with a certain era of funk & soul, but does that constitute copyright infringement? Thicke and co.
  • Cover of Gucci Mane Sued For Attempting To Play Two Shows In One Night-- In Different States
    Gucci Mane is known for his prolific output, but not only does he unnecessarily cram more than one mixtape release into a day, he apparently does the same thing with shows.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Sued Over London Performance No-Show [Update: Keef Ordered To Pay $230,000 In Damages]
    Chief Keef continues to run into trouble with the law. The 17 year old behind street anthems "I Don't Like" and "Love Sosa" is hot off the heels of being jailed for a recent probation violation, and is now reported to have a brand new lawsuit on his hands.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Could Lose Music Rights Of So So Def Artists [Update: Dupri Claims He Was Taken Advantage Of By Personal Banker]
    Although Jermaine Dupri paid off his enormous tax lien of $3 million earlier this year, he's still suffering from financial problems. The SunTrust Bank has launched a new lawsuit against Dupri, because he has failed to pay back completely a $4.8 million loan he took out back in 2010.
  • Cover of Tyga Sued Over Explicit "Make It Nasty" Video [Update: Vixens Looking For $10 Million A Piece]
    Tyga's most explicit music video to date was released via his Twitter feed on July 28th, and depicts the hedonistic rapper partying in a mansion with a lot of women, many of them blatantly topless.
  • Cover of The Baby-Sitter Game Blasted On Instagram Is Suing Him For Defamation
    In June Game took to Instagram to go off on his former baby-sitter, whom he claimed had sex with her boyfriend while at his house taking care of his kids, and left condom wrappers everywhere, yelled at the children, among other things.
  • Cover of Jermaine Dupri Loses Lamborghini Lawsuit, Owes $79,000
    Jermaine Dupri's financial woes just keep stacking up. In December of 2011 we reported on Jermaine Dupri getting sued over his Lamborghini, after he failed to make payments on the $330,000  vehicle (although he did make an initial payment of $70,000).
  • Cover of Chris Brown & Drake Win $16M Lawsuit Filed Against Them Over Nightclub Brawl
    One of the many lawsuits that were a result of Drake and Chris Brown's infamous brawl at a nightclub in New York last summer has finally come to an end. Drake and Chris came out on top in the suit filed by Entertainment Enterprises, the company behind the Greenhouse nightclub in NYC.
  • Cover of Future Sued Over Another Child Support Claim [Update: Future Takes Full Responsibility, But The Mother Wants More]
    A few weeks ago, Future was hit with a lawsuit for unpaid child support by a woman who claimed he was the father of her child born in 2001. After a DNA test that proved Future was in fact the father of the child, he settled the lawsuit and agreed to make monthly support payments.
  • Cover of Chief Keef Makes $13k A Month, Ordered To Pay $3k In Child Support To Baby Mama [Update: Chief Keef Not Paying]
    Although the rumors that Chief Keef impregnated a middle-schooler are somewhat debunked (word is, the girl is actually now in college, and she's only two months younger than the rapper), the lawsuit the girl filed for child support still went ahead, and resulted in her favor.
  • Cover of Dwyane Wade's Ex Withdraws $1M Lawsuit
    Clearly there’s some bad blood between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife, Siovaughn Funches-Wade, as she had filed a lawsuit for a million dollars but has no “voluntarily dismissed” the case.  The lawsuit had claimed that the two signed a contract back in 2006 that certain endorsement money would be placed in a joint
  • Cover of Rick Ross Sued For Not Paying $90,000 Bill On Three Rolexes
    Rick Ross definitely loves himself some nice gold jewelry, whether it's chains, watches, or rings, he's not often seen without some sort of accessory. However, he seems to have forgotten to pay for some of that expensive bling. Ross lapsed on a $90,000 payment for three Rolexes he bought last year. 
  • Cover of Takes Legal Action Against Pharrell's "i am OTHER" [Update:'s Lawyers Responds]
    Well, this is strange, but typical in the music industry. has filed a notice of opposition against Pharrell's "i am OTHER" brand for utilizing "I AM," a phrase he says he has copyrighted, and on top of this, Pharrell's logo is "confusingly similar," according to court documents. 
  • Cover of Beyonce Settles $100 Million Lawsuit w/ Video Game Company Gate Five
    During the winter of 2011, Beyoncé was sued by video game company Gate Five for allegedly bailing on a deal for a dance game called "Staypower: Beyoncé." She claimed the company hadn't secured funding they'd promised her, but they retorted, stating that she'd backed out of the deal "on a whim" a
  • Cover of Jay-Z's Rocawear Sued For Unpaid $450,000 Bill
    As reported by the New York Post, it seems wholesale company iSource NYC is suing Jay-Z's Rocawear clothing line for an unpaid bill of $450,000 - half of a million dollar order of branded goods delivered to NYC from Pakistan last April through June.
  • Cover of Fans Sue Omarion For Being Attacked At His Show [Update: Singer Says He's "Not Liable" For The Attack]
    After security failed to live up to billing at one of Omarion's recent shows at a club, two men who were accosted by "thugs" are now suing the singer. 
  • Cover of Miguel Reportedly Ordered Not To Jump Over Crowd At Billboard Music Awards [Update: Miguel's Rep Denies This]
    Miguel's leg-drop situation doesn't seem to be improving. First, it seemed like everything would be fine, as the victim of his infamous leg-drop at the Billboard Music Awards seemed to be in good spirits following the incident.
  • Cover of Miguel "Leg Drop" Victim Considering Lawsuit [Update: Victim May Have Brain Damage]
    It seems the excessive amount of memes won't be the only repercussion for Miguel's failed attempt to jump over the crowd at the Billboard awards earlier this month.
  • Cover of Recording Studio Sues Busta Rhymes For $70,300 Over Unpaid Bill
    It's a well-known fact that rappers love to be in the studio all day, every day, especially at weird times of the day. This can also be a costly venture, if you have to pay for studio time. Busta Rhymes is finding out just how costly it can get, in a new lawsuit from Paramount Recording Studios.
  • Cover of Eminem's Publishers Sue Facebook For Copyright Infringement, They Respond By Attacking Dr. Dre
    Eminem is one of the most successful artists in the game, with 80 million records sold, and no signs of stopping, with his last album, Recovery becoming the first album to hit 1 million digital downloads.
  • Cover of Lil Kim Sued By Former Business Manager
    Just last month, Lil Kim sued her attorney over bad licensing agreements. Now, according to the all-knowing TMZ, it seems she's being sued by her former business manager Andrew Ro, who claims her behavior cost him $15 million in squandered endorsement deals.
  • Cover of Nas' Lawyer Asks Judge To Throw Out $10 Million Lawsuit From Concert Promoter [Update: More Details Emerge]
    Nas is still feeling the effects of a missed show last year in Angola. As we reported in Septemeber, Nas had missed a concert in Angola for a New Years Eve performance in 2011.
  • Cover of Florida Tour Booker Suing Rick Ross Over Unpaid Commission
    Rick Ross is not having a good month when it comes to business. First, the rapper was dumped by Reebok, losing an estimated $3.5-5 million, and now the rapper is facing a lawsuit from a Florida tour booking company.
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