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  • Cover of Nipsey Hussle Discusses NFL "N-Word" Ban With Larry King
    Nipsey Hussle stopped by Larry King Now to discuss an NFL rule banning the use of the N-Word from the league.
  • Cover of Game Hasn't Seen 50 Cent In 8 Years, Says Beef Stemmed From Ignorance
    Despite Game's recent petition to reunite G-Unit, it seems he and 50 Cent will never see eye to eye. The Jesus Piece rapper joined Larry King in an interview where he spoke of the "rift" between the two rappers, as well as his label situation, and the reason why he'll never run out of things to rap about.
  • Cover of 10 Biggest NBA Beefs
    NBA contests can be some of the most heated competitions in all of sports.  Incredible abilities and enormous egos clash on the biggest of stages on a nightly basis.  With so much adrenaline, testosterone, and sheer will power, it's only natural for elbows to be thrown, flagrant fouls to occur and occasionally, brawl
  • Cover of Mac Miller Speaks On "Larry Fisherman" Moniker & Other Personas
    Mac Miller has his share of pseudonyms. The rapper has used the short-lived Larry Loverstein moniker, as well as the increasingly present Larry Fisherman producer name.
  • Cover of 10 Best Charlotte Hornets Of All Time
    In 2002 the team moved to the old home of the Jazz, New Orleans, as the game of “Musical Chairs For Team Names” began.  Only two years later, the league brought in a new team to Charlotte, and the Bobcats were born.  Looking for a change, and feeling no relation with the Hornets team name, New Orleans changed to
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