LaidEe P

Most known for her Female Empower-mental statements and not scared to say what's on her mind mouth, along with being one of the rare female rappers that's more worried about getting her point across and not pushing off sexual intentions. _______________________ ★ Career ★ 2007-Current: Dance Life... She began dancing at a very young age, but didn't certify in it until 2007 at a local Fred Astaire Dance Studio. During this time, she also began teaching youths in Hip-Hop dance at Middle and High Schools around her area. 2007-Current: They Call Her an Internet Celeb... Due to popular online social sites (ie: Myspace, Facebook) LaidEe's Music started receiving major amounts of plays and her pages gained outstanding friend requests/followers. 2008: My Refre$hment!... First fully covered and pressed album, making that her seventh underground album- although, the album was only sold in Minnesota surrounding areas; and then some. The CD included her first hit single " Female Ballin' " that later brought the making of " Female Ballin' Pt 2. " 2008-Current: In Motion... After attempting to go to college straight out of high school, LaidEe put the education on hold and focused more on her music; adding traveling into her movements, taking long "vacation-like" stops in Florida for a few years. In 2009, she expanded her routes and now most her movements (shows/appearances) mainly take place in the areas of Greater Minnesota, Jacksonville, FL, and Atlanta, GA. ___________________ ✩F U N . F A C T S (how it all started/major musical influences)✩ At about the age of 5 she was introduced to the top selling female R&B group, TLC! Known to of listen to their music over & over studying the words. Yet, It wasn't until "CraZySeXyCOol" when she fully became a quote on quote huge fan! Her 1st live performance was as done at the age of 8/9 Years old, to the song "Waterfalls." ★ It was soon after that another big influence entered into her life Known as Bone Thugs N Harmony, once she had came across "E 1999 Eternal" & ending up playing that album as well, over and over again. ✰ Also, on her own time, she would sit back and watch video after video from another favorite artist Aaliyah, studying each move and step, until she had some hot groves to bust out. During this time LaidEe P begun writing her own tunes. ✯ By the age of 12 she finally, wrote her 1st full song. Later on at the age of 14 She then recorded Her 1st Song "Killing Spree." After that was recorded, she realized how much she really wanted to keep on and pursue creating more music. That's when She soon recorded her 1st hit, "Bounce!" That song was played at local school dances - to clubs [Teen Nights of course]. ✩ Then there was the unexpected loses of Aaliyah & Left Eye. LaidEe was quit shaken by Both! On April 25 2003, (in remembrance of them, and on Lisa Nicole *Left Eye* Lopes' 1 Year) she dropped her 1st full [underground] album "E$calade Bytch 3:23." Selling a Great Number, around her home town (& surrounding areas) she was finally getting her name Out There! ★ In her early High School years she became a dear fan of Alicia Keys; which of whom, opened her mind to the classical lines of Music.


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