Krielle Cheri

Krielle's parents always wondered why she'd hum while she ate her food, especially when it was something she really liked. "I would walk around humming melodies that were in my head driving everybody crazy". At the age of five she sang her first solo at the church and pretty much grew up singing there. "I thank God for great people there who have given me opportunities to grow in my gift" Krielle is still perfecting her voice and loves to be challenged vocally. "Music has always been a big part of my family; I grew up listening to music. We were always encouraged to pursue our goals and dreams". When asked who have been her greatest musical influences, she states "the soulful voices of Crystal Lewis, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, La India, Alicia Keys, JoJo, Stacie Orrico, and Indie Arie. My personal influences have been in my church family, Pastor Randy & Maribel Landis, Darian & Yolanda Colbert, Sandra Figueroa-Torres, and of course my sweet Abuelita who loves me". She also stresses how thankful she is to have a family that believes in her "my family has always provided a safe place for me to be just me". "It's great to have such a supportive family with great values, without that I would be lost". Krielle also mentions how she's always been blessed to have special people enter her life at pivotal times. She shares the story of how actor Jon Seda and his wife Lisa after hearing her perform during church one day believed that she has such a gift and potential to someday reach the world through her music. Jon & Lisa Seda were very instrumental in discovering Krielle when she was 13 and giving her opportunities early on. "I am very grateful for the opportunities they created for me during the first 31/2 years and for the support and guidance they gave to me and my parents." "You don't come by kind hearted people to often and that's who the Seda's are ". Another opportunity came her way on May 2007 on a flight out to L.A. she says "I happened to accidently (I say accidently because we were both sitting in the wrong seats, it's a long story) sit next to someone who produces music who after hearing me humming and singing softly asked me if I sang. Well, he gave me his business card and I was able to record several songs at their studio while I was out in L.A. I consider this an important turn of events which is pretty much how things have happened for me". Krielle is presently being managed by James Cruz and Luis Rivera with Think Management. Think Management has taken a special interest in developing Krielle as an artist and they are helping her stay busy in the studio where Krielle is working on her sophomore album and first music video. "I appreciate my team for believing in me, advising me in the music business, and creating new opportunities for me to grow in my gift and as an artist." "I know I am young and I have a lot to learn about this business but I am willing to work hard in the studio and take advantage of each new opportunity that comes my way.....we also have a lot of fun working together." When you ask Krielle what drives her, without hesitating she immediately responds "singing, it's my passion it's what I live for and when I'm in the studio it's where I feel the most alive!" "It's my desire to make a difference in the world through my music I want the words in my songs to matter and for my music to have special meaning. I want my songs to be positive and change someone's life, when people hear my music I want them to be inspired to believe in themselves and that they can make a difference in this world". "I'm also a girl who believes that music can bring us closer together. With so many wrongs in this world, music seems to unite us in someway. I believe that I can contribute something strong and positive to the music industry. I see myself becoming one of those artists, who not only respects herself but stays true to her values and beliefs". Krielle's favorite quotes are "Your attitude determines your altitude" and "Stand for something or fall for anything". She currently lives in Allentown, PA where she resides with her parents and 3 sisters.


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