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Jonathan King Conner, better known as King CJ, is a 20 year old rapper from Chicago, IL, signed to both Straight Like Dat ent. and T.E.A.M. ent. He's already released one mixtape with another on the way. He was born on November 6,1992 in Inglewood, Chicago, IL. He was raised by his mother and his aunts. He grew up watching artists like T.I. and Reed Dollaz and they became his biggest inspirations. "I was bad as hell when I was little. I was a bad ass kid. I didn't give a damn about anything. The only thing that would calm me down was music…when I'd watch performances with T.I. up on stage…that was a dream. First it was a fantasy, then it was my dream, and now I'm making it my reality." He didn't start to get serious until 13, at which point he started to write more, taking his life experiences and putting them into songs. "When my cousin died I got real serious…I said what the fuck I wanted to say. I felt like nobody could stop me. I put all my words and emotions down on paper. The first song I ever wrote was for him - A Letter to Mada - and in that song I was telling him how much we miss him. It was a dedication and a relief. I was so emotional when he died. I didn't know what to do. When Mada died, I was going crazy, insane/Smokin weed, drinkin liquor, I was moving things. I didn't care about nobody's feelings but myself. I had to tell him I was sorry. Sorry for cheating on my ex, sorry for disrespecting my mom… I was telling him everyone's ok down here. PJ, WhoJo, Auntie Regina, the whole T Love family." His first mixtape, World Is Mine (2009) is "basically…telling everybody who I am. Who I am and why I'm here. This mixtape is about John. John is…not to call him soft, but more emotional. More sensitive about what he says. He thinks things through. He's the business person. John is lovable, outspoken, the big brother. That's John. John's a family person. John is the good twin." After Mada died, he teamed up with Don-Don The Great of T.E.A.M. ent. for the song Shoutouts. "He got in the booth and freestyled his whole verse and killed it. It was so motivating. After that I was like his little brother. 3 months later he signed me to TEAM ent." Shortly afterward he met J-Moe Da Don, president and founder of Straight Like Dat ent. and quickly rose the ranks to VP. He recorded 90's Babies and Road to Glory with J-Moe, Jason, and Jigga, which put SLD on the map. "When I first went back to Chicago after spending 2 years in Minnesota, my whole block was screaming Straight Like Dat. That was…that was exciting for me. I felt like I got into something, like I did it. EVERYBODY was screaming SLD. They were throwing up, doing handshakes…that was a real glory moment for me. They saw what I had become and it really gave me the motivation to keep my head up and my feet going. That was a huge motivation. We got Jeezy screaming Straight Like Dat! 2 Chainz!" Next up, King CJ is stepping out of the box. "Now I'm working on my second mixtape, Elements of Anger. It's basically me coming out of my box, out of my shell. I feel comfortable where I'm at and I'm coming out to tell everyone who CJ is. Whatever comes out of his mouth is one hunned. If I could put a title on what the Elements of Anger is…just saying what the fuck you want. I haven't been able to say what I wanted to say for the longest and now I finally feel like can say what I need to say." He's also collaborating with Don Don The Great on their mixtape King of the Throne and will be performing in Chicago this summer. To hear more from King CJ, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Hot New Hip Hop, and Myspace. Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/cj-the-king Hot New Hip Hop - http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/CjSldConner/profile/ Myspace - cjtheking12 Facebook - https://twitter.com/kingcj_fanpage Twitter - http://www.facebook.com/cjthe.king.7 http://www.dondondagreat.webs.com/


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