King Chip Songs

  • Brand New Hoes
    Brand New Hoes
    King Chip's CleveLAfornia is finally on the horizon as the former Kid Cudi affiliate releases a promising new single "Brand New Hoes." Working amidst G-funk bass, groovy drums, and melodious xylophone, Chip is at the top of his game as he weaves through the beat effortlessly, letting us know that he indeed has got brand new hoes on an earworm of a hook.
  • So Slow
    So Slow
    Blended Babies return today after releasing a remix of Rihanna's "Four, Five Seconds" with Jon B. Today they're back on their original production shit, recruiting a frequent collaborator King Chip, and Anderson .Paak, for verses on "So Slow."
  • Protect Us
    Protect Us
    King Chip has been pretty absent this year, hopefully quietly prepping his long-awaited album CleveLAfornia. While updates on the album have been few and far between, the L.A. transplant returns today with a new record that features Houston's Bun B. It's a different approach for Chip Tha Rip, who uses auto-tune for the song, which generally has a low-fi feeling. Production comes from J. Hill, who chops up a pretty cool sample and adds in some bass. Are you feeling it?
  • All I Need
    All I Need
    You probably know Key Wane as one of the top producers in the game, crafting hits for Beyonce, Drake, Big Sean, and more. If you haven't heard his self-curated work, though, it's time to give his latest track, "All I Need," a spin.  On "All I Need," Key Wane recruits King Chip, Kid Sister, and BlackSon. Key Wane is able to transition to and from different instruments while never losing the smooth feel of the track. The song shows off his ability to craft his own records and get the best out of his rapping features. 
  • Hittin These Licks
    Hittin These Licks
    King Chip, formerly known as Chip tha Ripper, is back on the scene, and for his latest track, "Hittin These Licks", he recruits Compton Menace, who we haven't heard since last year. Though King Chip's been outta the game for a minute, you'll know he's back seconds into "Hittin These Licks".  The track is produced by LongLivePrince, who produced Compton Menace's "Put On", with Chris Brown.  Tell us what you think of the track, and look out for more King Chip in the near future
  • Skyscraper
    Demrick is currently prepping a new album, Losing Focus. He's delivered two leaks thus far, one with a Dizzy Wright feature on "We Still Here" and one solo cut with "Gleamin." He goes bigger with his next single, "Skyscraper," calling upon Logic and King Chip for assistance over a beat from Cal Cleve.
  • By My Lonely
    By My Lonely
    King Chip recently popped up in the news after Chuck Inglish leaked an old track that Chip and Kid Cudi had recorded, much to Cudi's dismay.
  • Harley
    Following last week’s feature on the unreleased track with Kid Cudi “Chillen While We Sippin”, King Chip decides to come through just in time for the weekend and hit us with his newest record “Harley”.
  • Chillen While We Sippin (Unreleased)
    Chillen While We Sippin (Unreleased)
    Back in 2010, Cleveland boys Kid Cudi and King Chip (who then went by Chip The Ripper) started a group called "The Almighty GloryUS", which saw only a few tracks to ever see the light of day. Now thanks to Chicago producers Blended Babies & Chuck Inglish (who produced this record), we get to hear a new unreleased track from the former Almighty duo called “Chillen While We Sippin”, which sounds just like the title its given. As the song's producers put it, "this shit is old as hell and the world needs it..."
  • 7,000 Girls
    7,000 Girls
    Hip-hop group Overdoz have kept a very low-key profile since dropping off their BOOM mixtape, which was over a year ago. The project saw a solid amount of features and was well-received on the site, but finally the group is back, and it was worth the wait.
  • Fwd Back
    Fwd Back
    HS87 duo Audio Push just dropped off the minimally futuristic "Reppin'" last week, but they've already returned with yet another banger, enlisting Cleveland hero King Chip and NEON iCON RiFF RAFF for the occasion.Sap supplies the crazy string-sampling instrumental, which gives each of the emcees plenty of room to drop some huge verses over.
  • Money & Fame
    Money & Fame
    Perhaps following the example of Big Sean, who sent the internet into a tizzy on Friday by simultaneously dropping four new tracks, King Chip has shared three brand new tracks today. All appearing on the newly-released deluxe edition of 44108, "Money & Fame," "Queen" and "Walking Home" have also been shared separately on SoundCloud and YouTube, so here's the first of those.
  • Queen
    King Chip decided to re-release his last mixtape 44108 as an iTunes release (now called 44108 Deluxe) and with the new release of the project he's included a few extra records. Three, to be exact. The new album comes with "Queen," "Walking Home" and "Money & Fame," all of which you can stream on HNHH. If you're in a more giving mood, head over to iTunes to purchase the project.
  • Fat Raps (Remix)
    Fat Raps (Remix)
    When Big Sean was coming up his mixtape grind was on point. He dropped three instalments in his Finally Famous series, with the third and final arriving in 2010. He later followed it up with a debut album of the same name, but that didn't really stack up to the mixtapes so we'll gloss over it. 
  • Lipstick On The Blunt
    Lipstick On The Blunt
    A piece of trivia: what do Casey Veggies and King Chip have to do with Macho Man Randy Savage? Well, until this afternoon, nothing worth noting. "Lipstick on the Blunt" is our first hit of Shade 49's Emilio Sparks's upcoming Forever Madness (The Randy Savage EP). A new collaborative project between Sparks, Ryan Fionda, and Harry Fraud's in-house engineer John Sparkz (together known as "The Sparks Foundation"), the EP will consist entirely of producers flipping classic wrestling intros into brand new hip-hop tracks, all in tribute to the late Randy Savage. 
  • Lazy And Lucrative
    Lazy And Lucrative
    Chip Tha Ripper King Chip fans have been waiting a long time for his album Clevelafornia, and although Chip has still been dropping off random leaks in the interim, hopefully things start to move forward soon.
  • We Faded (Remix)
    We Faded (Remix)
    We've heard plenty of people go in over Soulja Boy's "We Made It", which was produced by New York's Purpdogg. Drake started the onslaught with his remix, and since then we've heard Jay Z, Jay Electronica, and dozens of others take on the triumphant beat. King Chip is the latest to turn in a freestyle, with the smoked out rapper choosing 4/20 to release his ode to getting fucked up, "We Faded".
  • 365 Days (Blended Babies Remix)
    365 Days (Blended Babies Remix)
    Production team Blended Babies are back with another dope remix. This time around, the duo decided to remix ZZ Ward’s popular record "365 Days", which now features added verses from Asher Roth and King Chip.  "365 Days" is our jam, "A natural remix record for us since we produced the OG version. All organice, new guitars, chords, and drums. Couple friends put some bars on it. Was meant to be happen" - Blended Babies tell VIBE
  • They Said
    They Said
    DJ Whoo Kid, DJ MLK and DJ Skee have teamed up for SXSW-inspired compilation mixtapes, the first one, SXEW Vol. 1 dropped in February pre-the music conference, and the latest, SXEW Vol. 2, dropped a few days ago.
  • Stoner (Remix)
    Stoner (Remix)
    Young Thug's Dun Deal-produced club banger isn't going away anytime soon. We've already seen Wale, Roscoe Dash, and Jim Jones release their own versions, and now Cleveland's King Chip has added a verse to the cut, premiering his take exclusively with HNHH. Chip rides the dynamically shifting beat, effortlessly switching up his flow accordingly, and breathing fresh air into the buzzing single. Chip, who happily identifies as a "Stoner", reveals later in the track that he's -- naturally -- been holding a blunt for the duration of his verse.