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  • Cover of Lupe Fiasco Says Islam Will Become The World's Religion
    Lupe Fiasco is no stranger to tackling hot-button political issues. In an impromptu Twitter Q&A taking place this Saturday, the Muslim emcee expressed his belief that Islam is on its way to becoming the world's religion, claiming Americans are more Biblically sinful than Saudi Arabians. 
  • Cover of Drake Gets Tattoo Of Prayer Hands Emoji
    Drake already has an impressive body of tattoo work that includes ink of his dad's mugshot and Aaliyah, but he recently added what may just be the most eye-catching one yet. Surfacing via tattoo artist Dr. Woo's Instagram account, it's now clear that Drizzy has received ink of the "prayer hands" emoji.
  • Cover of Mural Depicting Kanye West As Crucified Jesus Christ Is Spotted In L.A.
    In the midst of the holiest week of the year for Christians, an unknown Los Angeles street artist decided to celebrate in a fashion that may be deemed sacrilegious by some.
  • Cover of Snoop Dogg Explains His Religious Beliefs & Solution To Gun Violence
    As Snoop Dogg changes his musical output, he has also changed some of his socio-political views, including his faith and thoughts on gun control.
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