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Khiri was no stranger to the hip hop scene. He acquired a taste for it at an early age and began jotting down rhymes in a composition notebook. Influenced by the constant replays on television channels such as BET and MTV, he was inspired to live the lavish lifestyles portrayed by the rappers on TV. He is a native of Long Island, New York and has a goal to prove what Long Island has to offer. Growing up in the low income ghetto ironically nicknamed "the greens", Khiri was accustomed to seeing drug dealers who drove nice cars with new rims. He also noticed that the dealers wore the latest fashions as well as what appeared to be expensive jewelry. Gradually keeping this in mind throughout the years, Khiri came to the conclusion that these dealers resemble the rappers on TV, thus sparking an interest on how these people attained these riches. Although Khiri was around drug dealing, he didn't succumb to the pressure and consequences of dealing but much rather focused his energy and power into his rhymes and music.


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