Kerajez (Kidd Encore)

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a year fresh, Into a New genre of Music And Only getting started. Kerajez use to be a Vocalist for a Hardcore Screamo Band when he was growing up, he's always been a fan of hip hop and rap. But, never knew he had the talent within him to be able to do it him self. After he was Locked up In county Jail, Raping with the inmates he befriend inside, and them telling him the talent he has. We'll it was Just the push he needed to open his eye's, and it's all he needed. But, he was stage fright for awhile. He could only rap to himself no one else, tell his mentor Travis Best C.E.O of Best Productions ENT. Helped him get over it after 8 hours in the recording studio. Now say what you wanna say, but that's the fluid to the fire burning inside Kerajez chest. The fire the Drives him for success, could it be just destiny, or is it something more? Either way love him or Hate him, you got to find respect for the fight and courage that burns inside Kerajez, And that's exactly what he is. Kerajez is a very Courageous individual.


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