Kendrick Lamar Songs

  • Black Friday (Alright Remix)
    Black Friday (Alright Remix)
    J. Cole has been pretty quiet in 2015. But with a month left, it appears that things may be heating up. Very quickly.
  • Black Friday (A Tale Of 2 Citiez Remix)
    Black Friday (A Tale Of 2 Citiez Remix)
    Happy Black Friday! Kendrick Lamar has blessed us with a special remix to celebrate (? is it something you celebrate) Black Friday, and it happens to be a remix of J. Cole's banging record "A Tale of 2 Citiez." For those missing that hard-hitting Kendrick, this should do the trick, as he barrels through the ringing beat.
  • Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix)
    Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix)
    After giving us the well-received 90059 album, we assumed Jay Rock would go back into hiding for another year or two. Not so fast this time around though, the rapper has been doing more interviews than usual (see our recent conversation with him below), and even announced a tour (albeit it's an extremely short one).
  • L.A.
    Ty Dolla $ign's debut album Free TC has been three years in the making, and it is finally dropping next week on November 13th. Ty has already rolled out six songs, the most recent being "Sitting Pretty" feat. Wiz Khalifa. 
  • Shadow Of Death
    Shadow Of Death
    We're just hours away from the release of Jay Rock's 90059, and to prepare you for Rock's second studio album, we're taking it back to 2010, when TDE was just starting to make waves in Southern Cal.
  • Vice City
    Vice City
    After much speculation, Jay Rock's album finally has a solid release date; tomorrow. Actually, TDE's CEO hopped on twitter to say that the album would arrive a bit early, rather than Midnight he says it'll be available at 9 PM tonight. That's not so far away, but before then, we've got one of the most anticipated records off the album, the Black Hippy collaboration "Vice City."
  • Easy Bake
    Easy Bake
    Jay Rock swung through Shade 45 studios last night, and there he gave a sneak peak of one of 90059's most anticipated tracks, "Easy Bake" feat. Kendrick Lamar & SZA.
  • Thuggin'
    Glasses Malone was able to score a Kendrick Lamar feature on his politically-charged record, "Thuggin," and now it's become long-awaited first collaboration between K. Dot and Killer Mike. Ever since Lamar's "Killer Mike would be Platinum" line from "Hood Politics," rap fans have fantasized about the rappers working together, and "Thuggin" seems like a good place for the two emcees to overlap. 
  • Money Over Love (Full Version)
    Money Over Love (Full Version)
    A week ago, we heard a snippet of Bilal and Kendrick Lamar's new collab, an Adrian Younge-produced gem called "Money Over Love," and now the full version has surfaced. Check it out below. 
  • Classic Man (Remix)
    Classic Man (Remix)
    Signed to Janelle Monae's Wondaland Records, Nigerian artist Jidenna already won 2015 with his ubercatchy "Classic Man." The song recently got its own T.I. remix, and today it is blessed with a verse from none other than Kendrick Lamar.
  • Awwright (Freestyle)
    Awwright (Freestyle)
    Earlier today, Fab dropped off a music video for a new freestyle to Kendrick Lamar's "Alright," produced by Pharrell Williams and Sounwave off To Pimp A Butterfly. At the same time Kendrick has chosen it as his next single off TPAB, Loso takes a stab at the beat. Although the song also appears on Stevie J's new mixtape Appreciation 8, Fab has uploaded an "unreleased version" to his Soundcloud. 
  • L.A.
    We're still not entirely sure when we'll be getting Ty Dolla $ign's debut album, Free T.C., but today, we at least get to hear the most anticipated track from it. "L.A." features Kendrick Lamar and R&B Group D&D.
  • Bad Blood (Remix)
    Bad Blood (Remix)
    With Billboard Music Awards under the way right now at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Taylor Swift decided to use the platform as an outlet to release her brand new music video for “Bad Blood” remix featuring Kendrick Lamar. While we await the official video to hit internet, iHeartRadio decides to come through and premiere the official audio for us. With two verses from K. Dot, this “Bad Blood” remix is quickly heading to #1 spot on the charts, and rightfully so. Listen as King Kendrick does what he does best, and that’s spit lyrical knowledge.
  • Ghost Cost (Freestyle)
    Ghost Cost (Freestyle)
    Despite Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly being the biggest critical success in hip hop since... Lamar's last album, we haven't heard too many other rappers attempt to hop on the album's tracks. Lots of this is due to the music being rooted in jazz and funk, and not sounding very "trendy" per se, but leave it to Styles P to venture onto the record's "How Much A Dollar Cost" before anyone else.  Attacking the LoveDragon production with precision, the L.O.X. member shows that he's more than capable of hanging with the off-kilter beat. 
  • Thuggin
    Glasses Malone hasn't popped up on our radar for a minute, but today he makes a worthy return to the site with Kendrick Lamar in tow. The West Coast rapper drops off a new collaboration, "Thuggin," and despite what you might think based off the title, it's actually a pretty chilled out, musically-inclined record. G Malone goes through the motions of being thugged out on the track, so all my Gs should take notes: thugs do what they wanna do, and they most certainly do not wear Versace ("that's that gay shit," FYI). 
  • All Day (Remix)
    All Day (Remix)
    What seemed to be a demo version of a Kendrick Lamar verse over Kanye West's "All Day" instrumental made the rounds last week, and now the full version has arrived. Kanye West's verse remain intact on this version, with Kendrick's 16 sandwiched between them.
  • It's True (Remix)
    It's True (Remix)
    Though we still haven't heard the hopefully forthcoming "All Day" remix, we're glad K-Dot decided to help out on this all-TDE remix of BJ The Chicago Kid's "It's True". The original, part of BJ's latest mixtape The M.A.F.E. Project, features Schoolboy Q, and BJ decides to go back to TDE for the remix, enlisting King Kendrick and Punch, TDE's president, who, as you can see, does some mean rapping. 
  • Eyes Above
    Eyes Above
    If you had the chance to catch Flying Lotus on his bonkers, afterlife-referencing 2014 "You're Dead!" tour, you' probably got the chance to hear some unreleased Kendrick Lamar vocals. Last night, FlyLo shared the full verse that he'd played throughout his tour, and now we've got it on today's song list for you.
  • The Heart Pt.2
    The Heart Pt.2
    Kendrick Lamar is constantly praised for his lyrical ability, his narrative, and his concepts, but his vocal approach isn't talked about nearly enough. Listening to To Pimp A Butterfly, Lamar manipulates his delivery constantly, from ferocious nearly-yelled raps, to bizzaro alien flows, to exasperated whines. The last of those styles was mastered on "The Heart Pt. 2," which found the rapper experimenting with breath in a way we hadn't really heard before, leaving all of his gasps in place as he rids the rhymes from his body like demons that he could no longer contain.
  • Biggie Freestyle
    Biggie Freestyle
    The spirit of Biggie Smalls looms heavily over rap at all times, but its felt a little more on the anniversary of his death, which happens to be today. Kendrick Lamar is one of many rappers who has cited Big as a direct influence, and in tribute, he freestyled over a couple of classic records from Brooklyn's finest today during his appearance on Big Boy's Real 92.3FM morning show.