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About Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia went from a waitress in Miami to a nationwide star quicker than a Twista verse. Raised by Cuban-born parents, Dahlia quickly realized her passion for hiphop and began making music at an early age. In 2012, Dahlia was signed to new label, Vested in Culture, a joint project with Epic Records. Her first single, “Gangsta” came out in 2013 and got people talking. Since then, she’s released songs like “Money Party”, “Mirror”, and “Crazy”. Her new album “My Garden” is set for release early this year. With her on point lyrics and original flow, Dahlia is making quite the name for herself.

Facts Only

  • Dahlia began rapping at the age of 8, and used to lock herself in the closet singing Christina Aguilera songs.
  • Her video for the song “Gangsta” got over 2 million views on YouTube.
  • Bob Marley, Chip Baker, and DMX have all influenced her.
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