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  • Cover of Kanye West Calls Drake A "Rap God," Parties With Him In Toronto [Update: Kanye Brings Out Drake At Yeezus Tour In Toronto]
    Kanye West brought his "Yeezus" tour, which will be wrapping up soon enough, to Toronto last night. Of course, hometown hero Drake came out for the event, and while there seems to have been some tension between the two creative artists in the past, all that was put aside for a night of partying after the concert.
  • Cover of Barack Obama Says Kanye West's Music Is "Outstanding"
    Kanye West and Barack Obama seem to have been at odds in the past, specifically when the President threw a shot at 'Ye when discussing the "American dream" this past year.
  • Cover of Hottest Verses Of 2013
    Although there's nothing quite like a dope instrumental, lyricism is arguably the most important aspect of hip-hop, despite the fact that many contemporary artists are out of touch with the the craft. 
  • Cover of Kanye West Says That Sway Asked A "Dumb Ass Question" During Their Interview
    Kanye West isn't done his slew of interviews just yet, and with these interviews we can usually count on some quotable gems and some controversy. His perceived anti-semitic remarks resulted from the Breakfast Club interview while Ye complety spazzed out during his conversation with Sway In The Morning.
  • Cover of Eminem & Kanye West Wanted $1-2 Million To Perform During Super Bowl Week
    Looks like Eminem and Kanye West think they're worth a little more than the NFL is willing to shell out. According to TMZ, both Em and 'Ye were approached but the organization to headline a party during Superbowl week, but both of their quotes were turned down.
  • Cover of Kanye West On Anti-Semitism Accusations: "It Was Kind Of Like An Ignorant Compliment"
    Kanye West made some controversial comments in his Breakfast Club interview last month, where he made the claim that "Black people don't have the same level of connections as Jewish people."
  • Cover of Kanye West's Yeezus Tour Pop-Up Shop In Chicago Is Open For Business
    As announced by Virgil Abloh via Twitter in the early hours of the morning, Kanye West's latest Yeezus Tour pop-up shop is currently operating out of a storefront at 46 East Oak Street in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Cover of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Sue YouTube Co-Founder Over Leaked Engagement Footage [Update: Co-Founder Responds]
    As we previously reported, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were looking to sue the man who leaked footage of their engagement proposal-- it turned out to be YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley. Now a lawsuit has been filed by the couple.
  • Cover of Charts Don't Lie: December 15
    This segment of Charts Don't Lie is relatively subdued, as we have no big new entries to speak of just yet.
  • Cover of Hopsin Thinks That "Yeezus" Is Wack But Kanye West Is Not
    If you've listened to Hopsin's new album, Knock Madness, you're probably aware of his stance on Kanye West's Yeezus album.
  • Cover of Arsenio Hall Criticizes Kanye West's Use Of The Word "Slave"
    In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Kanye West briefly mentioned Arsenio Hall, alluding to the fact that there were racial implications to the cancellation of Hall's 1994 talk show.
  • Cover of Kanye West Addresses Sparse Grammy Nominations For "Yeezus"
    Approximately a year ago, Kanye West vowed to boycott the 2013 Grammys, heavily criticizing their approach.
  • Cover of 50 Cent Explains The Difference Between Him & Kendrick Lamar
    50 Cent hasn't been rapping as prolifically as he once did, but he's still observing the game from the sideline, planning his moves accordingly.
  • Cover of Kanye West Kicked A Heckler Out Of His Show In San Antonio Last Night
    While Kanye West has been known to speak his mind in stream-of-consciousness speeches throughout his Yeezus tour, he's apparently the only one allowed to 'talk his shit'.
  • Cover of Kanye West Reacts To Fake News Comments Concerning Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela passed away last week at the old age of 95. Rappers and celebrities reacted to the news immediately, often through Twitter, expressing their sorrow at Mandela's passing. However, it was being reported by certain outlets that Kanye West had quite the controversial remarks to say about the great leader.
  • Cover of Kanye West Apologizes To Nike
     After putting Nike and other designers on blast over the past couple of weeks, it looks like Yeezus may have had a change of heart. In a new interview, Kanye apologized to Nike for his recent outbursts.
  • Cover of Kanye West Talks His Producer Past, Drake's Fame & Much More On Juan Epstein
    Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds' Juan Epstein podcast had a very special guest recently, Kanye West.
  • Cover of Kanye West Says His Next Album Will Feature 8 Songs
     After just releasing Yeezus this past summer, Kanye has already began hinting at his next album, and it’s probably further along than we know. While down in Miami for this week’s Art Basil, Kanye spoke with architect Jacques Herzog about his new album.
  • Cover of Kanye West Flips Out On Sway During Radio Interview [Update: Sway Addresses The Interview]
    Kanye West is a passionate dude, and while his recent interviews have mostly shown a less confrontational side of his persona, he definitely turned up on Sway this morning. 
  • Cover of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Reportedly Planning Wedding At Palace Of Versailles
    Kanye may be a self-proclaimed minimalist, but when it comes to things like his performances, his proposal, and now his wedding plans, he shows little restraint. According to sources close to 'Ye and Kim, the couple's marriage will be a high-scale celebration.
  • Cover of Adidas Officially Confirms Signing Of Kanye West For $10M
    Its officially, official, for real, no backsies. Adidas has confirmed they have signed Kanye West to their line;"For 2014, we welcome to the adidas family one of the most influential cultural icons of this generation, Kanye West.
  • Cover of Q-Tip Says He's Producing Kanye West's New Album With Rick Rubin
    Q-Tip and Kanye West have always hinted at doing some big things together, but it's never quite worked out.
  • Cover of Kanye Autographs Yeezy Collection
    While Kanye was interviewing at V103 in Atlanta, he caught up with DJ Greg Street, who just happened to have some old Yeezy's for the disgruntled rapper to sign.
  • Cover of Kanye West Says He Doesn't Like Biggie's "Juicy" Or "Big Poppa" Beat
     As Yeezus continues to travel the country on tour, Monday he dropped by Greg Street’s show on V103 Atlanta to chat about a few topics. The two chopped it up for about 35-minutes in a 2-part interview and as usual, Kanye had some choice words.
  • Cover of Photos: Andre 3000, 2 Chainz, T.I., Lil Wayne & More Hit Kanye West's "Yeezus" Tour In Atlanta
    When Kanye West's "Yeezus" tour hit New York, we saw celebrities and fellow rappers alike come out to support Ye and Kendrick Lamar. The same can be said for the recent "Yeezus" tour stop in Atlanta.
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