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KOH (Eric Jackson) began writing music at the resilient age of 11. First it was just an outlet, almost like an escape into his own world, but when his dad decided to no longer be apart of his life, it went from a hobby, to poetic healing. A lot of rappers that influences KOH are underground rappers, you know, the ones that still manage to portray that raw edgy real side of hip hop. What makes KOH dope? Maybe it’s his: flow, voice, or even his style. One thing’s for sure though, it sure isn’t his modesty. KOH dominates and brings an aura of confidence and edginess’ to his music that’s hard to find nowadays. His message is like a hidden treasure, buried under a grave filled with: priests, atheists, ex cons and Ronald Reagan. KOH not only takes you through hell, but he somehow manages to get everyone back on the path to heaven. Though this guy is pretty talented an he’s just starting, I’m pretty confident that he would’ve manage to take control of the air waves by year 2020; but hey, anybody can attain that goal if desired. This Decatur born rapper seems to be more along the lines of change unity power and money; yea lots of money. “Baby presidents is all we are” KOH once said while explaining to us what drives him to be the greatest amongst the most elevated. All this guy needs is every bone broken in his body while deeming this god forbidden day to be his worst, just until a young man comes in teary eyed and says in a liberating obscure tone “you changed my life”. Only then he’ll fault himself for his misconceptions. My official biography is coming soon


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