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#(313) 400-7496 Email:youngspitta313@aol.com My name is Kennden M. Cleveland as you should already know I am 16 and have been rapping for quite a while. I grew up listening to music and got inspired by my brother name Yung City, hes a member of JDE, we did a couple of songs together but now I'm more focused on me and my group songs and how we promote our music. After a few years I eventually picked up how to dj songs, write good music, produce songs, handle equipment, and manage all of the audio sounds and everything that goes with it. I started rapping at the age of 8 but was never brave enough to show people my music and that I was really talented, because everyone was focused on my brother and his music. So a little later on in my life I would say around the age of 11 I step out of my family's shawdow and showed them I could rap by doing my own solo song off of a artist song, everyone loved it. Then later on that day my brother was surprised and wanted to do a song together off of Rick Ross's song titled "Pushin'", we only had little equipment and a small microphone from Radio Shack but we made it work. And he helped me practice every night to improve my rapping skills and he still do to this day he gives me the motivation I need still to strive me to make good music. But later after we made that song we both went different ways with rapping. He joined a group called 3D which included him and his other 2 brothers from Pontiac, MI. And I moved on to start my own group called 4Deep with me and 3 of my friends, we happened to come across song music gigs and did a couple of shows, but the group didnt last for that long..once again my rap group moved and went our seperate ways, and that put my music career on hold for a while. Maybe 3 or 4 years, but that didnt mean I was going to stop writing, I continued to write for those 3-4 years and a couple more years later me and my family moved, and I was just entering High School. My rap name wasn't always Young Spitta, it was Lil Woody throughout my 6 yrs of rapping, then I figured I had to get more professional so I changed it to a more understanding name Young Spitta in my 10th grade year. And this is just skims of my rapping story but to cut it short this is really the Comback of my career get ready. Im finally back and HERE TO STAY;K3N DOGG;signing off;;


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