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Born and raised in New York I was in a very cultured city Jamaica Queens so I picked up music naturally. I went from banging on desk & free styling all throughout elementary school & middle school until i got my first beat machine in 8th grade and thats where my musical career really began. I would be in my room for hours with my beat machine and headphones making what ever felt right to me of course I wasn't the greatest when I first started out but I had one producer/mentor who admired my creativity and unique beats his name is Mr.Delgado Cooke best local producer I knew in Tampa next to myself lol. He taught me alot with the little that he told because of course like everybody he was trying to get paid but he was very surprise to see that from the little he taught me I took in so much and absored it like a sponge. He helped me to create my home studio gave me the best equipment for my little budget that I was one & I slowly started to master everything and soon enough my beats were sounding radio ready & industry standard quality. Not everyone believed that you could achieve such quality with the equipment I had a lot of people always asked me my secret which was funny to me because I was only 15 to 16 at the time and I had people who were producing for years asking me my secrets lol. My first to hit song were 'Everything I want" featuring my father & "My Paradise" featuring my father and Young Committed aka Dustin lol after that I was building my ryhmes & getting my practice on everyday & that same summer I got asked to do a performance which was the highlight of my 15 year old life because it made me feel like I was going somewhere. I was making a name for myself in Tampa people were calling for studio time I was getting shout outs and everybody knew I did great work when it came down to music & mastering. Im currently in Sanford fl literally starting all over again but im climbing the charts and I will be number one in my area. To find out more become a fan.


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