John Kali

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What's the age requirement to drop jaded critiques of mainstream rap and society? Or the notoriety quota, at that? Whatever it is, 17 Year-Old Jacksonville, Florida spitter John Kali is gleefully apathetic about the kinds of side-glances that his skygazing ambitions might get from listeners. And why not? To say that Tumblr and Soundcloud were filled with ambitious creative types would be an understatement; internet culture has sped up the process of re- and de-contextualization so much that if there aren't more kids creating art now than in the past, it sure seems like it. The difference between John's the wishful thoughts wrapped in between John's laid-back, lispy delivery and those of other rappers in his age group is that it doesn't seem too far-fetched that the kid might blow. Rapped with a sleepy charisma, his recent mixtape, Kali Love‚Äč, definitely portrays a kid with a good idea of what he's going for, plus a good ear for beats to back up his Curren$y-esque boasting.


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