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Javier Zamora Jr. (born July 11, 1993), better known by either his stage name JayRexxx, or his nickname Tricks, is an upcoming Rapper/Producer. Jay was born in St. Mary's Hospital located in Long Beach, California. His parents, Javier Zamora and Yolanda Castro divorced back in 2002. He was too little to understand why his parents split up, but as he's getting older he's starting to catch on. Jay lost many good friends and the number keeps rising. He said, "I feel like it's my fault that they're gone." He's been threatened but he said he's not scared because he has GOD with him. His mom said, "I used to get phone calls from his elementary and middle school. It seemed like it was everyday that he would get in fights, interupt & curse out the teachers. I had to pick him up almost everyday from the truancy center that he would get sent to. He gave me nothing but headaches." Yolanda decided to move to Chino Hills to see if Javier would calm down. The move made it worse. In 2007, he was expelled and attended CVLA (Chino Valley Learning Academy). His mom said, "I'm not going to tolerate his actions. I rather see him in jail, than for cops to knock on my door and say that they found him dead." At the continuation school, he would listen to one of his close friends, Eric Serna freestyle. Jay said, "In 2008, I was walking around in the electronics department inside walmart looking for ipod headphones, I just happened to see this cheap 10 dollar microphone. I was excited to get home and try it out with a program, Cool Edit Pro that my cousin, Rafael Castro had passed down to me. I started recording and honestly I thought I was the shit, but listening to those songs now, I was whack." He was just another kid from the hood struggling to rise above the negativity that surrounded him. His mother, Yolanda saw his passion for music and decided to buy him some equipment. He bought an Electro-Voice PL80a, a Yamaha interface that came with Cubase 4ai. He released his first mixtape, The Nerd Story. "It wasn't good because I was in such a hurry to release it that I just recorded it once and that was it" Jay said. His passion for music now is unbelievable, Jay said that he prefers to get equipment and things he needs for his music rather than clothes, shoes & gear is very important nowadays. Learning from his previous mixtape, he's taking his time make his mixtape, "B.E.A.S.T" to look and be as good as it can possibly be. Jay had to buy some of the best equipment to get him the album/mixtape that he wants to release before the beginning of his college education. His room is looking like a studio now, he upgraded microphones from a Electro-Voice to a Shure. He bought a pair of Rokit5's, a midi controller, Oxygen 25. He's building his recording booth but he's not done yet. Jay said, "the sound absorption panels is what costs the most. I'm going to pay over 1 grand just for the panels everywhere inside my closet." He said, "Sometimes I feel like crying because I see people with new clothes everyday, people going out but I suck it up. I'm not buying new clothes, nor going out, instead I buy equipment for something I love doing, music." Comparing his first mixtape, "The Nerd Story" to the mixtape that he's working on, "B.E.A.S.T", this talented kid has come a long way. His lyrics are much more meaningful, the quality is great, he improved so much overall. Due to money not coming in like he thought it would be, he has to push his albums, Married 2 Hip-Hop, release date back. His "B.E.A.S.T" Mixtape's release date will be in August. To be continued...


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