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Jacob Adams a.k.a. J. ADD first entered the world on August 4, 1986 in Apple Valley California. At the age of 10, J. ADD managed to scribble out his first lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name”. Not really understanding the music as an art, J.Add tried to emulate what he heard on the records. When his mother stumbled upon his notebook, the language he used in his piece appalled her. Needless to say he was grounded and stripped of his hip-hop collection. He then had begun to take note of different genres of music listening to different styles on the radio as well as from his mother’s own personal anthology. When J. ADD was old enough to buy his own music, he returned to his once love for hip-hop, but this time just as a listener. It wasn’t until 2002 when he felt the need to rap again after listening to a CD by local artists. He soon had begun writing to instrumentals and eventually recording after he acquired inexpensive software. He was then invited to join a local group with their own label called “Rich-A-House”. Almost immediately the group picked up momentum and were noticed by others. They soon where the talk of the school in regards to a “diss” track that had surfaced. That same night the group hit the drawing board and came back the next day handing out over a hundred copies of their reply introducing J. ADD. The response was overwhelming. They decided to compose a mix tape with their new local hit. They worked long and hard. The word had spread so quickly they ended up in the principles office. They were threatened with suspension if they released their #1 track on the mix tape. So they pulled the song. They then hit their bedroom studio harder than before. They released single after single promoting on social networks like myspace. They later restructured the group with a brand new name and a 4-man roster. Eikonz (icons) hit the scene in 2007 with their first album “The Way Out”. Things didn’t exactly pan out as they hoped. After graduation, promoting wasn’t as easy as it was before. As fast as the group formed the group disbanded. But J. ADD didn’t give up. He was determined to continue to do what he had a passion for. With the help of friend & former group member Richbeatz, J. ADD learned how to record and produce quality songs. In 2008, with very little promotion, he dropped his first solo project “The Great White Hype Mix Tape”. It managed to pull in over 400 digital downloads with in the year. J. ADD then took some time off reaching out and networking with other local recording artists. It wasn’t till 2009 when he picked up his pen and pad again with a vision. On August 15, 2009 at the Clark County Ampphitheater in Las Vegas, J. ADD along side fellow local artists opened for R&B group “Pretty Ricky”. Being introduced to the superstars and seeing their stage presence only motivated J. ADD that much more. He then redirected that motivation into energy in the form of his music and had begun working on his next project. At midnight on December 25, 2009 J. ADD released the “2nd Breath Mix Tape”.He presented it as a Christmas gift for the world as a free digital download. In just 4 days he had obtained over 500 downloads. J. ADD currently is preparing for his first solo album.


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